June 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Last date with “Boss Inguise”

The fourth and final appointment, Tuesday, June 21, 21.20 on Rai 2, with Boss in disguise, Docu-Reality, hosted by Max Giusti, tells the stories of entrepreneurs who have decided to take on the challenge of working a week together with their employees in disguise. The protagonist in this latest assignment is Gerardo Acampora, CEO of Mega Pizza, a company that produces pizza counter for mass distribution. Headquartered in the Gorizia Industrial District, it employs about seventy employees and produces thirty thousand hand-made pizzas daily, distributing them on three continents. On his undercover adventure, the head of Acampora meets his two employees: Alexandro, who will teach him how to pack pizzas for shipping, Tatiana, who will guide him in preparing the ingredients, and Pina, who will show him how to pack in a pizza vacuum. As always, Max Giusti also takes the field, in disguise, to help the president and this time, with a new identity (no longer Giovanni, of Tuscany, but Pasquale, of Naples) working overtime: first working alongside Alessandro, preparing the dough and in Flatten the pizza, then dorothea with the hand filling.
The workers, busy working with their boss or with Max Giusti (both in disguise) were told – so as not to arouse suspicion – that the documentary “Back to Work – Mission to Work” is being filmed.

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