Nour Einyek 2, previews of the fourth episode – Nour Einyek

Nour Einyek 2, previews of the fourth episode – Nour Einyek


Light your eyes 2 preview the fourth episode

When will the fourth episode of Noor Eyin 2 be broadcast? All previews of the next episode of the novel

After the third installment of the TV series starring Anna Valli and Giuseppe Zinowhich aired on Tuesday, April 25, let’s find out When the fourth episode of The light of your eyes 2.

In Mediaset Infinity, you can find all Peek, plots and trailers from The light of your eyes 2. In the video above, we discover a cast second season of The light of your eyes.

Light Your Eyes 2 Episode Four: Previews and Plots

The fourth batch of The light of your eyes 2 Air Wednesday, May 3 in prime time on Channel 5 and broadcast on Mediaset Infinity.

According to the progressAfter returning home from her mother, Diana finds a letter that Petra had written to her some time ago which infuriates her. The girl fights with her ghosts but finds the courage to open up to Emma, ​​who seems to finally trust her, enough to tell her important parts of her past: Chess reminds her of Regina, a special friend who no longer exists.

But Emma also feels the need to protect Enrico, convinced that Petra is taking advantage of her generosity. And soon he will also have to face another truth: his mother Paola did not break off her relations with his brother Roberto and also managed to give him an extra pass. Finally, Roberto meets someone he seems to know very well.

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