The fringe skirt is the leading trend at Milan Fashion Week 2023

The fringe skirt is the leading trend at Milan Fashion Week 2023

The fringe skirt arrives: from streetwear to runway fashion, it’s the most sophisticated trend seen at Milan Fashion Week

There are rumors in the corridors of many editorial offices that fashion no longer invents anything. Or maybe not. “Making it weird” is certainly the winning formula that attracts attention: a great example of this is the faux miniskirt that amazed not so much with its features as with its concept. It’s all about the design and modeling used to amaze. And now, with Milan Fashion Week underway, it’s time for the fringe slit skirt. It has nothing to do with fabric backgrounds and folds.

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Neither slits nor fringes are new, but they also make the classic skirt, with its unique design, something feminine, desirable and tried-and-true. And why not, amaze too. The creative leap is to gather all these strips of fabric, close together to create a very light curtain that opens with every step, ready to reveal the legs. Cut and manipulate with scissors to create something new. This is the new thing to try in women’s styles and is inspired by one of the most beloved beauty looks (bangs).

The first appearance on the catwalk was in the Prada fall-winter 2020 collection: American fringes define the line of midi skirts. Here the femininity is not chaste and austere, but ready to amaze through the sheer effect typical of the fringed finish.

Prada fall/winter 2020 2021

The models we saw in the spring and summer 2024 collections

Ethereal and ultra-feminine, the fringe skirt from Alberta Ferretti for Milan Fashion Week: made of silky satin, it has a special grip on the side and then evaporates along its length. It can be worn over pants or turned into a long imaginary dress, thus conveying a new idea of ​​high fashion for spring and summer 2024.

Alberta Ferretti spring/summer 2024 collection

Alberta Ferretti spring/summer 2024 collection

We found a similar effect in Roberto Cavalli’s fringes: this time the fabric was cut at precise intervals to create flowing fringes ready to accompany a mermaid skirt.

Prada, which created the first fringe skirt, has revived a model with thin fringes that can be worn as you like: over a dress, a skirt or a pair of shorts. An easy and fun fashion idea that we saw run down this past Spring/Summer 2024 runway show.

A similar concept was spotted on Sabato di Sarno’s first runway for Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2024 show: a burgundy-red straight skirt, with a long central slit, dotted with very light contrasting fringes. In fact, the classic “curtain” effect is deconstructed for a more sophisticated and attractive effect.

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