Amanda Lear, The Unexpected Confessions of Dali and His Past

Amanda Lear, The Unexpected Confessions of Dali and His Past

His character has always been surrounded An aura of mystery and mysteryon which he (at least partially) bases his success. We are talking about Amanda Lear, a true singer who has always been fascinated by her wit and sensitivity outside the traditional canons. Painter, showgirl, singer, presenter, who has dedicated her life to art: she talked about in an interview with Seven subordinate Corriere della Sera, reveal The secrets of his great love and his past.

Amanda Lear and the relationship to success

Silly, shrewd and talented, Amanda Lear She is an artist in all respects and has devoted her entire existence to art in all its aspects. Painter (“I’ll stay to death,” he admitted), singer (28 million records sold), Dali muse, but also model (among others, for Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel), showgirl and presenter the television, It is impossible to classify his long career.

Amanda Lear spoke in a long interview with Seven subordinate Corriere della Sera, Acknowledging his deep secrets and his relationship to success:My dream was to become famous. I was probably a killer, a Hollywood actress, who knew I was going to be a celebrity one day. Now I realize it Being famous is useless, if not to pick up men. But this is not enough to pay the rent.”

sex recognition

Part of her success she owes To this mystery and that aura of mystery which she herself admitted (on more than one occasion) that she was being fed.

“Today we are invaded by fake news, but at that time there was not much – he explained -. Forty years ago, the sex life, ‘Neither man nor woman’ was so exciting, we began to find out all this, In fact, this gossip helped me a lot. (…) The more we talk about Amanda Lear, the more newspapers talk about my sexuality. I learned it from Salvador Dali: The soul of business is advertising! “.

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After all, of this kind Amanda Lear I represented Secret which she herself has been playing for decades, without fear of provoking and provoking her audience, Tickle their curiosity (In some cases a little maniac). And he always had clear thoughts about sex: “It’s a fleeting pleasure. I don’t see in it a spiritual dimension, or a communion between two beings,” he admitted.

Overwhelming love with Dali

His presence was full Incredible encountersfrom David Bowie to Fellini, all random but somehow changed her life.

Salvador Dali certainly was of great importance: He was his inspirationand he taught her a lot: “I went out with two young guitarists, he was 70 and smelled bad and his teeth were rotten, However, I have never met such a wonderful man before. He took me to lunch at Lasserre in Paris. Once, at the end of a meal, he recited García Lorca’s poem. No one has done such a thing to me before! I forgot he was old. He never told me the same story twice! (…) I was under his spell! “, He confessed.

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