La Villa Joyosa – News: The children's musical “Aladdin is a Great Musical” opens the 2024 cultural program at the Auditore Theater

La Villa Joyosa – News: The children's musical “Aladdin is a Great Musical” opens the 2024 cultural program at the Auditore Theater

Tomorrow there is a wonderful musical performance at the Teatre Auditori de la Vila Joiosa. Trencadís Productions presents the children's musical “Aladí, a Wonderful Musical”, which combines the magic of story with the splendor of a musical in a theatrical production inspired by the magic of the adventures of “A Thousand and One Nights”. The decor will contain luxurious palaces and crowded bazaars saturated with this oriental scent that invades the scene from the moment the curtain is raised, in addition to special effects on the characters such as the genie and the genie with a costume of more than 50 dresses with all the luxury. From the details “Aladdin, a brilliant musical” directed by José Tomás Schäfer was honored with five Broadway World Awards in Spain for Best Scenography, Lighting, Choreography, Costumes and Leading Actress. In addition to two Musical Theater Awards for Best Children's Musical and Best Actress. The show, which is part of La Nadala's special programme, will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, at 18.00.

And next Saturday, January 13, the most modern music will arrive with the show “Trash!”, which combines rhythm, movement and humor with criticism of the excessive and wasteful consumer society and the demand for recycling. In fact, the show takes place in a garbage recycling center, where four innovative operators offer new uses for all kinds of waste that arrive at the site, making us think about excessive consumerism. Butane cylinders, umbrellas, balls, tool boxes, horns, garbage bags and other paraphernalia are transformed into musical instruments. Veteran Yllana and emerging Töhtem come together in this audio-visual presentation that recalls the performance style of the famous Mayumaná company. “waste!” It presents in addition to noise with rhythm represented by music, dance, live song, pantomime humor and acrobatics in an interdisciplinary proposal bordering on the circus.

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The programming of the cultural agenda for the rest of the first quarter of the year alternates between theatre, dance, cinema and musical performances of various genres, among which the company's comedy “Mamá se va de viaje” stands out on January 27. and the Chicago Blues Band's Dave Specter concert on March 9.

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