Peyu promotes the Montañola Music and Performing Arts Festival

Peyu promotes the Montañola Music and Performing Arts Festival

Humorist from Ozuna Bio His production company is promoting (P) ausa, choral festival in Montagnola. Performances will include music and performing arts – between June 28 and July 26 – and the stage will serve as the goat barn they have on the farm. The ticket will include a headline concert – the artists of this edition are Cathares, Obesity, Marina Russell, Portet Chemistry I Albert’s plan– And a previous art show, such as a clown show Guillem Albathe sense of humor of Peyu, who will act as master of ceremonies, charms the young boy Sanniesdance with the Usonina Laura Marsal And improvisation and humor with Improvised side story. It has a capacity of 100 people, and they will also enjoy a dinner of local produce in the forest.

The title of the festival (P)ausa wants to specifically evoke the idea of ​​the project: a space of tranquility amidst nature and “arching around multiple cultural activities” for the summer months. In addition, the name also refers to a land, Ausa, which is the name given by the Romans to the region and, more specifically, to the Vic. “We want the audience to leave having discovered a land and a people,” they said in a statement. As they point out, the festival was born with the idea of ​​“demanding small businesses, respectable tourism and, above all, promoting producers from the Osuna region.”

Comedian Peyu and his production company, El Corral, wanted to decentralize the Barcelona show again, as they did with their first fixed theatrical season in January, February and March, while selling tickets for their show “The Illusionist” in Calldetenes. stage. They did this through the campaign titled “Outside Barcelona”. In fact, a second season has already been planned at the same theater from October to December. Tickets for both festivals are now available on the production company’s website

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