Iliad Giga 120 available again: 120 GB 5G, minutes and SMS for 9.99 € per month – | news | telephony

Iliad Giga 120 available again: 120 GB 5G, minutes and SMS for 9.99 € per month – |  news |  telephony

start Starting today, September 16, 2022And new and existing customers The Iliad They can re-subscribe to the offer 120 GB at 9.99 € per monthWhile he was Closed As expected show flash 150 Available in the last few weeks.

Since its re-launch, this is From August 2, 2022, the operator has agreed that this time the Flash 150 offer, with minutes, SMS and 150 GB 5G at € 9.99 per month, will be subscribed to by new and existing customers. By September 15, 2022.

So, as predicted by the Iliad, Starting today, September 16, 2022Flash 150 show again closed and replaced The previous offer goes back to 9.99 euros per month i.e. Iliad Giga 120which has been temporarily unavailable in recent weeks.

So, Iliad Giga 120 at € 9.99 Monthly, can subscribe again until further notice by AllCome on Agents of the Iliad already that you give new customersin the latter case through All sales channels operator or operator.

The offer can be activated directly Online (here is the direct link) On the official website of the operatorthrough simbox present in The Iliad Store With the help of Iliad E in the so-called corner Scattered at various points of sale across the country.

Moreover, Giga 120 is once again the only Iliad show that can be subscribed to Also with cash payment In the Eliad PointAvailable at Snaipay Affiliate PointsAnd through the channel Eliad Expressallowing you to buy a SIM card also in supermarkets, supermarkets, consumer electronics stores and bookstores.

Iliad Giga 120 offer is also back in existence The only offer on the market that can benefit from the Iliad 5G network.

120 GB costs and details

in detail, The Iliad Giga 120 includes Unlimited minutes For all national fixed and mobile numbers, Unlimited Messages towards everyone, Unlimited calls to some international destinations Fixed network and mobile network e 120 GB of data traffic is also valid in 5G networkalways at a price 9.99 € per month.

The offer in question also includes Unlimited minutes From Italy to Landline and mobile network numbers in Canada and the USAAnd the Unlimited minutes From Italy to After foreign landline numbers: Azores, Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, South Korea, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guernsey, Guyana, Hong Kong , Hungary, Isle of Man, Canary Archipelago, India, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovakia , Czech Republic, Reunion, Romania, United Kingdom, San Marino, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan.

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to me new customersThe cost To buy a new Iliad SIM card in triple Based on €9.99to which the amount of the first monthly payment provided by the offer is added, in this case equal to €9.99. Thus, the total that new customers will have to pay to enter the Iliad with a Giga 120 offer is €19.98.

A new Iliad customer will be able to activate a new SIM with or without a simultaneous request to transfer his number from another local operator. It is also possible to activate a new number, and then request an MNP from your Iliad customer area.

Iliad allows you to choose to pay renewals automatically with your card or by manual payment (debiting the remaining credit), from your client area on the official website of the operator.

Renewal fee Older than the renewal day itself, as the operator attempts to charge it 24 or 48 hours before the actual renewal date. However, the package is renewed every month in effect.

The offer is also valid on Iliad 5G network

So the Iliad Giga 120 offer is one of the navigable enabled offers on Iliad’s 5G networklaunched as of December 22, 2020Currently only available In some areas of the first cities that were covered and used Compatible Smartphones.

Currently Covered Iliad 5G is available in some of the following areas: Alessandria, Aosta, Ascoli Piceno, Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Cagliari, Caserta, Catania, Como, Fermo, Ferrara, Florence, Foggia, Forlì, Genoa, Gorizia, Imperia, La Spezia, Latina, Messina, Milan, Modena, Monza, Novara, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Pesaro, Pescara, Piacenza, Prato, Ravenna, Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Rome, Salerno, Sassari, Syracuse, Taranto, Terni, Turin, Trento, Treviso, Trieste, Varese, Venice, Verona And the Vicenza.

After the recent increase in the list of covered cities, the Iliad stated that “thus” More and more cities will be covered in 5G by its own network.

In this regard, please note that The Iliad is among the Italian operators who can officially use frequencies in the 700MHz (N28) band as of July 1, 2022released by television announcers, for Provide 5G services.

The launcher allows you to access Theoretical maximum speeds of 855Mbps for download and 72Mbps for upload. The Iliad always asserts that these speeds are achievable “Given the available frequency spectrum, expected maximum modulation, aggregation of all carriers and a single user scenario under ideal radio conditions”.

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An upgrade also available for existing Iliad customers

the offer 120 GB Also available again as Upgrade for existing Iliad customers Who owned previous mobile offers, through Action Free offer change Available from September 2, 2021.

Specifically, the display Giga 120 can be activated at € 9.99 per month by all existing Iliad customers, except for those who have activated Flash 150 and data 300Because they have a higher gigabyte package or a higher monthly cost. Of course, those who previously activated the same Giga 120 at 9.99 euros per month are also excluded.

To change the width of Eliad’s slide, you can continue straight from your personal spaceon the official website of the operator, by clicking “Change display” In the department “accidental” From the main menu.

So, Currently Already Iliad customers with all previous offers can Choose to order to upgrade to Giga 120 or Data 300.

Eliad Flash 150 Customers already upgrade

EU roaming and other offer details

The Iliad Giga 120 It can also be used in files Roaming in the EU and UK (With the Iliad included until December 31, 2022, subject to changes) Under the same national conditions for minutes and SMS and with a Maximum data traffic that can be used each month, equal to the current 9 GB per year 2022.

After 9GB is allocated in the EU, the customer pays an additional cost of €0.00244 for each megabyte consumed. Once the national offer is completed, Internet tariffs for consumers will be applied. Outside the EU (with Iliad until December 31, 2022 including the UK), there are no all inclusive rates for a fee but only roaming rates based on consumption.

The minutes and SMS of the offer are always unlimited, in accordance with the principles of good faith and fairness. If the data packet expected from your offer is exceeded, The connection will be automatically blocked.

Iliad customers can change this setting from their customer area, in the “my options”where the specified entry is located Unblock data connection via bundled traffic Set to inactive by default, with which you can unlock the connection with subsequent navigation without slowing down, by applying Shipping according to consumption (90 euros per 100 megabytes of internet).

However, in case of insufficient credit, the customer can use pay-as-you-go tariff plan which stipulates a cost 28 cents per minute of conversation for both landline and mobile networks, 28 cents per SMS and 90 cents per 100 MB of internetwhich is equivalent to 9 euros per gigabyte used.

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Each MMS message that is not included in the offer costs €49 cents per message. There are no additional charges to use basic tariff plan consumption.

When an Iliad customer recharges the sufficient amount, the offer is renewed and will have a new expiration date, one month in effect from the last renewal.

The Iliad is always included in their shows, at no extra cost, too Help Services voice mail (No. 401), Call me back (if the answering machine is active), Hotspot, residual credit monitoring (Toll Free 400), Video Answering Machine, Caller ID, Call Waiting (if number is busy), Consumption control, block hidden numbers, speed dial, call and SMS filter And the Forwarded to the answering machine abroad.

I Excluded SMS and premium services, while Unlike the original showThe Divert calls to national fixed and mobile numbers.

With Iliad, the call conversion rate is 5 euro cents per minute with 1 euro cent incremented for the first 18 seconds, then 1 euro cent every 12 seconds. Transferring calls to an answering machine is free.

How does Iliadbox fiber convergence work

With the launch of the Viber offer EliadboxAnd the All Iliad mobile network offers let you have one Affinity discount on the fixed network.

Regardless of the active display, Lo The discount is equal to 8 euros per monthreduce the price Eliadbox at €15.99 per month. This way by activating the offer The Iliad Giga 120Customers can also get a landline at a total cost of 25.98 euros per month.

This deduction is called the Iliad “Fiber + Mobile Advantage” It can only be obtained by Iliad mobile network customers who have set up automatic payment for the offer Via IBAN, Credit Card, Debit Card or Prepaid Card.

The mobile network customer with automatic payment can then Pairing a mobile phone user with a fiber user ID (obtained after signing the Iliadbox show) in the personal space on the operator’s official website.

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