“There would be no worse betrayal in Casavella than doing a boring job without a life.”

“There would be no worse betrayal in Casavella than doing a boring job without a life.”

“Ambitious”, “excessive”, “frenetic”, “poetic”…a novel Francisco Casavella Watusi daywith its nearly 1,000 pages, is the great historical record of Barcelona in the seventies and eighties. A cult work also fueled by the sudden death of its author at just 45 years old.

Now the stories of Fernando Atienza, his friend Bebeto, Elsa or the legend of the Watusi reach Free theatre On the adaptation Ivan Morales worked on for three years. A production directed by the playwright himself ambitious.

I was struck by the book's excessive and condescending ambition, and I think theater deserves that ambition too

Ivan Morales“Watusi Day” director and adapter

Morales explains in an interview with The world at RAC1 During the three years he worked on the text, he did not find a way to realize it a Adaptation lasts less than four hours. The director and author of the theatrical text came to the conclusion that… “There would be no worse betrayal in Casavella than doing a boring job, “Without rhythm or music or she wasn't alive.”

In order to play the lead role, Ivan Morales was also clear from the first moment that he had to be one Enrique Okér “A talented and crazy actor”. Okyere describes the work as “an abyss” and a “challenge” and stresses that he has never done anything like this in theater before.

I don't want to sound like a weirdo, but now I understand what it's like to do theater and let your skin down every night

Enrique Okerethe actor

Okyere explains that in the early days he finished the articles he had “My hands were shaking and I needed 10 minutes to cry.” Now, it controls “energy consumption much better.” Along with Auquer there are Raquel Ferré, Guillem Balart, David Clement, Bruna Kosi, Xavi Saez and Vicenta Ndongo who play the roles of different characters, playing instruments and having their leading moments with monologues.

Watusi day It premiered after all tickets were sold out until May 5. Ivan Morales explained that there was a desire to bring more life to the work, tour it and even perform it again in Barcelona.

Listen to Jordi Basti's interview with Iván Morales and Enrique Okere A The world at RAC1.

“El dia del Watusi” with Enrique Okere and Iván Morales

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