Canceled contracts, Ilary Blasey in plain sight

Canceled contracts, Ilary Blasey in plain sight

Bad mood Pierre Silvio Berlusconi For some transgressions on his Mediaset channels. Too petty, too much vulgarity. The issue has been touched Gf vip to Alfonso SignoriniWhich corrected the course and which will undergo profound changes for the next version. But according to what he reveals todayMe too’Famous Island He will be in the crossfire. Something from the program he conducted Ilary Blasey On Canale 5, in fact, Alfa Romeo’s number one might not like it

in detail, Alberto Dandolo on today He writes: “Ellari Blasey focuses all of her energies on business. For her, management Famous Island It is at the moment Absolute priority His aim is to be able to alleviate personal problems by fully immersing himself in his professional obligations. But so is its publisher, Pierre Silvio Berlusconi Very worried Of the petty drift a reality show might take, and the controversies that invested the latest edition of Big Brother VIP“.

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In short, for now only anxiety. And top alert from Cologno Monzese, on the obvious input of Pierre Silvio. Add today“That’s why the Alfa Romeo leaders paid a huge penalty Cancellation of contracts signed by two competitors Not in the spirit of the show. It is about like Gianmarco Onestini Based on Luke DiCarloLawyer and partner Ilona StallerThe magazine concludes the indiscretions that provide an explanation for the castaways who jump out at the last minute, when they have already been granted departure for Honduras.

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