He was 68 years old. Announcing his daughter, Jennifer

He was 68 years old.  Announcing his daughter, Jennifer

And He died This morning in Rome the representative Francis Notty. He was 68 years old and he was sick time ago This was announced by his daughter, Ginevra, along with family members who sincerely thanked the health workers and everyone who treated the actor in the long term from illness, in particular the staff of Villa Verdi in Rome.

How is Francesco Notti today? Depression, Accident, and Abuse: His ex-wife and daughter Jennifer (his guardian) are always by his side

The time and place of the funeral will be announced in the coming hours. In a statement, the family demanded that the moment of intense pain be respected and for this reason they do not intend to make any statements.

Accident and illness

It was the year 2006 when the 68-year-old famous Actor and Film Producer had a terrible home accident that damaged his health. A fall from the stairs caused him to develop a cranial hematoma that put him into a coma for 4 months, causing him serious neurological damage and losing part of his motor skills. After that, Nuti almost completely loses the use of speech and his life is confined to a wheelchair.

After the fall, the actor was transferred to the Umberto I Polyclinic Hospital in Rome and stayed there until November, when he was then transferred to a specialized center in Versilia. For a long time, Francesco Noti’s condition remained a mystery. The Florentine director and producer did not leave the hospital until 2008. However, even after his resignation, his condition did not improve. We remember Francesco Nuti’s first public appearance after the accident in 2010, then he appears from time to time again, but his circumstances always seem very complicated.

How is Francesco Notti today? Depression, Accident, and Abuse: His ex-wife and daughter Jennifer (his guardian) are always by his side

Who was Francesco Notti?

Francesco Notti lived two lives: the first as an actor and film director, interpreter of the genre of romantic and sweet-and-sour comedies that had such an impact on comedians of later generations, and who was lightly a box-office hero in the 1980s; The second, now a sad victim of the crisis of his comic cinema, marked by an ordeal of falls, accidents, accidents and illnesses, which since 2006 has made him almost sick. Through a remarkable satirical rhythm and giving life to the characters who play in an attempt to restore the dominant role within the couple, Nuti presented wonderful comedies with mysterious surreal colors that achieved amazing success in the eighties thanks to films such as “Me, Claire and the Darkness”, “Casablanca, Casablanca”, “Casablanca, Casablanca”, It’s all the fault of Heaven “,” Enchanted “,” Caruso Baskowski from a Polish father “,” Willie Signori and I came from afar “, even ” Petticoat Women “, the film that in the 1991/1992 season broke all records at the box office, recording more The moment was a success in the career of Nuti who was the screenwriter, director and lead actor of this film alongside the beautiful Carole Bouquet. Born in Prato on May 17, 1955, Francesco Notti made his debut as an amateur actor while still a student, writing his own monologues. Noticed by Alessandro Benvenuti and Athena Sensi who wanted him in the first group Giancatifi, Benvenuti directed him and made his debut in cinema in “AdOvest di Paperino” (1981), a reinterpretation of the Tuscan comic repertoire. triple.

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Having abandoned the trio, with whom he ventured into the cabaret and participated in successful TV shows, for example, “Non-stop” (1977-78) by Enzo Trapani in Raiuno, he began his solo career in participation, in the role of screenwriter and hero in some Films directed by Maurizio Ponzi. Under the supervision of the latter, he acted in three films that highlighted his original comedy: “Madonna, what a silence tonight” (1982), in which he responds to the character of the movie “Welcome” and which also made him famous thanks to the song “Puppe a pera »; “Io, Chiara e lo Scuro”, with Juliana de Scuro, for which he received particular acclaim; and “I’m Happy” (1983). Three films give him great fame: notably the role of Francesco Piccioli, present in the second film, for which he won David di Donatello and the Silver Ribbon for Best Leading Actor. In the wake of the success achieved, Nuti also made his directorial debut, confirming the bittersweet tones of his comedic vein, with Casablanca (1985), again alongside Giuliana di Sio, which gave him a second David di Donatello. The film, loosely based on Michael Curtis’ classic “Casablanca” (1942), follows the story of “I, Claire and the Darkness,” satirizing the quarrels of a couple in crisis.

Always a translator for his films, often an author of the script, Nuti has remained faithful to a comedy that is sensitive, but that sometimes explodes into nervous outbursts in which the relationship between man and woman is constantly analyzed, in different contexts: from « Tuta Guilt del Paradiso »(1985) , with Ornella Nuti, to “ Stregati ”(1986), from“ Caruso Pascoski (from a Polish father) ”(1988), with his fiancée Clarissa Burt, left for actress Isabella Ferrari who will direct in “Willy Signori and I Came from Far” (1989) Even “Women in Skirts” (1991). Meanwhile, he also devoted himself to music. In 1988, he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song “Sarà per te”, also later recorded by Mina, and in a duet with Meta, with the song “Let’s Breathe”, written by singer-songwriter Biagio Antonacci. Films with little success followed: “OcchioPinocchio” (1994), an ambitious reinterpretation of the doll by Carlo Collodi; «Signor Quindicipalle» (1998), with the irrepressible Sabrina Ferelli, based on the actor’s passion for billiards – already in the center «Io, Chiara e lo Scuro» and «Casablanca» – «Io amo Andrea» (2000), produced by himself , and «Caruso Zero in Behavior» (2001). After a difficult period, he returned to the set with Benvenuti in Claudio Fragasso’s “Concorso di guilt” (2005), his last film.

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The half-hearted admiration at the box office at the end of the 1990s, unmatched by the successes of the previous decade, caused Naughty to fall into a deep depression and problems with alcoholism, and 2003 records indicate a suicide attempt. But fate had one last joke: on the eve of his return to the group, on September 3, 2006, he fell down the stairs of his house and hit his head; He was urgently hospitalized at the Umberto I General Hospital in Rome, due to a serious cranial hematoma, from which he fell into a coma, from which he emerged on November 24, 2006. He was transferred to the Versilia Hospital in Lido di Camaiore (Lucca), site of a center specialized in neurological rehabilitation kinetic and in February 2009 he returns to his home in Prato, with the help of his brother Giovanni, doctor and composer, his collaborator in several films: but he will no longer be independent, with serious difficulties in his limbs and difficulty in speaking, forced to live in a wheelchair.

abuse suit

In January 2016, Naughty made headlines for a legal case that saw him involved in spite of himself: the 35-year-old Georgian caregiver was reported to have abused the actor from Prato who had been immobilized in bed for some time. A year after his dismissal, the Georgian was arrested on charges of belonging to a fellow countryman gang dedicated to shoplifting. In September 2016, Nuti was hospitalized in the CTO’s Resuscitation Department of the Florentine Hospital Careggi due to a cerebral hemorrhage. In the following years he was in rehabilitation clinics in Rome. In the summer of 2017, Noti’s daughter, Jennifer, born from a relationship with actress Annamaria Malibero, released an interview in which she said: “Now that I have reached the age of majority, I asked to be the sole guardian of my father because I believe that there is no one better than I can take care of him. “.

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