“So I discovered my tumor. I’m talking about it so that others don’t feel lonely »- Corriere.it

“So I discovered my tumor. I’m talking about it so that others don’t feel lonely »- Corriere.it

for decades”bad badFear, embarrassment, and even shame was so great in front of the diagnosis of the tumor that people did not mention his name. And least of all, there were well-known faces of the general public willing to talk about their illness. Today things have finally changed and Federico Leonardo Lucia, also known as Fedeza symbol of a positive cultural revolution: young, famous, beautiful and happy, he did not hide The disease was diagnosed last March They named her after her, and shared the various stages of her care path on social media. The artist also called himself duringThe last event of “Tempo della Salute” which he participated in with the surgeon who performed the surgery on him, Massimo FalconeDirector of the Surgical Unit for Pancreatic Surgery and Transplantation at IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

Tumor delivery to everyone

I decided to talk about my illness on social media in part because I felt the need Share what happened to mealso partially Help those who are suffering or will have to go through the same experience as me – said the singer. When I got the diagnosis, I searched the internet and found quite a bit of information. The pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor It’s very rare and it was Steve Jobs’ news, not reassuring news. I have no other references. And then there Gianluca Vialli, who I was able to talk to the next day and helped me, gave me relief. I knew I would also receive criticism, like the one that arrived straight away, about being subjected to tests and treatments as “excellent,” but I wanted to help others. They even called me a “pathological narcissist.” But I also received a lot of affection and I am still satisfied and happy with my choice.”

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Fear and help

During the meeting, Federico noted the major initial suffering: For everyone, the diagnosis of cancer was the same Shock accompanied by fear and anxiety. “For me, cancer was not a taboo, unfortunately we have several cases in the family and I lost some of my relatives. In the first terrible days, and throughout the next period, the greatest help came from my family and friends. The support you can get if you speak up is one reason why you shouldn’t hide. Being close to those who love you is a big help not to get discouraged“.

the disease

There are about 3,000 new diagnoses of Neuroendocrine tumors (also known as Networksfrom English Neuroendocrine tumors), which are rare diseases that can affect various organs such as the pancreas (as in the case of Videz), the intestines, the lungs, the thyroid gland, the thymus gland, or the adrenal glands. “There are dozens of sub-types of networks, very different from each other,” Falcone explained. They can be divided into “well-differentiated”, which grows slowly and is less aggressive (but is still virulent, and can be transmitted even after many years) and “poorly differentiated”, which develops faster and is more likely to spread from the onset. They are almost always “silent” tumors.because only in Two out of every ten cases show symptoms Specific and often erroneously identified during investigations for other, unfortunately, overdue causes.

Discovery of the tumor “accidentally”

However, Federico was at least lucky in this: It was diagnosed early (“I found it by chance with a control test, I have hypochondria and had tests, including a CT scan of the lungs for a previous respiratory problem that highlighted something wrong. Controls: This was a real privilege for me” said Fedez ), there were no metastases, then Histological examination showed that the tumor did not affect the lymph nodes He did not need chemotherapyit was enough surgery‘But the process was important – as he himself remembers – with her Removal of the duodenum, gallbladder, head of the pancreas, and a piece of intestine. I have to take medicines every day, and be careful with my diet, I often have digestive issues and stomach aches, and I hope that will go away with time. But I am fine, I can do the same things as before, my life has not changed much. ”

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Specialized Hospitals

«During the elimination of many organs and viscera, the continuity between the various tubes in the digestive system is reconstructed You can live well, Federico explains – confirmed Falconi, who is also president of AISP (Italian Association for the Study of the Pancreas) and ITANET (Italian Society of Neuroendocrine Tumors) -. It is one of the most complex interventions to address Highly experienced centers and surgeons are needed. We are faced with very different diseases, which require a personalized approach and integrated management by various specialists. If the pathology is localized, Surgery can lead to recovery in high percentages of patients. On the other hand, when there are already metastases, or in the case of relapses that occur over time, we still have today available Different types of medicine. We no longer need to talk about incurable tumors. Even when recovery is unfortunately an unattainable goal, we can still offer patients, in most cases, treatments that in many cases help to survive and improve their quality of life.”

The right information can save lives

Fedez and Falcone confirmed The critical importance of getting the information right. “It is better to talk to the doctor for ten minutes than to Google, as I have done all night, and flog myself – concludes Federico -. You can find everything on the Internet, and it is much better to deal with your own team of specialists ». It is in this context that Umberto Veroneseone of the greatest Italian oncologists and the pioneer of many battles for cancer patients, decided in 2003 to commit himself to breaking the taboo. Removing the word “cancer” was the first essential stepNot only to provide psychological support to patients and their families in very difficult times, but also to improve care. This is how I was born cancer officepart of Corriere della Sera In cooperation with Umberto Veronese Foundation Dedicated to oncology. Because the right information can save lives. Learn how to prevent and recognize symptoms of a potential disorder It can allow for early diagnosis that makes a difference in the possibility of a cure. Then find out what disease you have, what are the best treatment strategies available and Centers with the greatest experience (especially for rare diseases) is an essential step, especially if you have to face complex and serious diseases such as cancer.

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