Urania Heaven among the sciences of philosophy theology

Urania Heaven among the sciences of philosophy theology

The Biblioteca Floreville in Brescia (Corso Cavour 6) presents a new appointment with the cultural review of the most famous musicians: this time it is the turn of the muse Urania, so the theme is heaven between science, philosophy and theology.

Two exceptional guests, contemporary writers and thinkers, will converse with each other and with the audience: publisher and thinker Riccardo DeBendetti and essayist and teacher Mario Boro. The dialogue will follow the path suggested by the books published by Medua Editions, in which our guests are authors, translators, and dissident curators.
In particular, the theme of the sky will be rejected according to suggestions:

– “Hypotyposis. Wandering Through the Images” Boro, a “wandering in the clouds” invitation to potential connections between epistemology of knowledge and literature, under the guidance of Gadda, Calvino, Primo Levi, and Michel Serres;

“Moses or China. When the Idea of ​​God Doesn’t Evolve,” by François Julien Here the French philosopher, known for deconstructing Western philosophy through comparison with the other in ancient Chinese thought, continues his groundbreaking research into the spiritual and the religious. Fields, examines two radically different conceptions of “heaven” as a fundamental physical/metaphysical horizon, capable of laying the philosophical-cultural foundations of entire civilizations;

– “Lourdes” by Emile Zola and “The Search for Truth” by Charles Peggy, two writers of classics of French literature, who lived in the same crucial historical period, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, agreed to defend Dreyfus in a notorious case and then divergent ideas and choices, on the one hand The novelist’s extremely sharp skepticism towards the commercialization of faith, and on the other hand a testament to the transition from socialism to Christianity, from a perspective not of betrayal but of assimilation, and as an original sensibility, he sharply criticizes hadith and its idols.

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