Cecilia Rodriguez returns to talk about ‘fake’ audition on Celebrity Island: ‘This is what really happened’

Cecilia Rodriguez returns to talk about ‘fake’ audition on Celebrity Island: ‘This is what really happened’

Die viewers Celebrity Island They were naturally shocked when Cecilia Rodriguez spoke out about fake evidence on the reality show. In fact, both in the studio and at home, many people started asking questions, leaving themselves fond of suspecting that the showgirl might have said something “too much”. So, in light of the hype, the young woman felt compelled to explain once and for all. So let’s find out what the protagonist has to say in such strong statements in her “defence”. During the penultimate episode of L’Isola dei Famosi, Cecilia Rodriguez revealed that there was false evidence on the show. Specifically, the reference was to the challenge between her and Ariana Cirincione the year before. In fact, Ariana should have been the first to fall on that occasion. These observations have caused an uproar, and therefore, clarification is needed. In this regard, Cecilia recorded a story on Instagram in which she explained that she and Ariana were not competing at that time.

Their goal was actually to surprise their friends, so everything was planned out on the table. The production decided that the winner would be Belin’s sister because in this way she could hug her partner, who has a calmer mood. Andrea Cerioli, on the other hand, for being more reckless and smoky, it was interesting to see when he realized he couldn’t hug his girlfriend. In practice, it was possible to “impose” the tests on the basis of the reaction of competitors to them. However, the couple who lost also had the opportunity to be reunited, which is why Cecilia Rodriguez expressed her opinion about whether there is evidence of Celebrity Island It will be tested. In addition, the Argentine adds another detail, stating that even while testing the rotisserie, Ariana was supposed to last about a minute.

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However, the fact that she fell into the water on the first lap confused everyone, especially her boyfriend. Well, on her Instagram story, Cecilia also wanted to spend a few words to comment on the dynamics that Jeremias and Gustavo create in Honduras. In this regard, he said, the group seemed to have teamed up against them because they are the strongest of the characters. Also, Jeremias has a somewhat sensitive and smoky personality, but he is a wonderful guy. Indeed, Rodriguez’s father and son are very good people and no one doubts him, however it is true that they are very strong personalities and would probably resort to tactics that confuse all the outcasts a bit. Being with their cute “hot” temperament is out of the question… Who will be the next winner? we will see.

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