A dramatic blacksmith lives on the edge: he goes away at the age of 41

A dramatic blacksmith lives on the edge: he goes away at the age of 41

Lives on the Limit viewers are crying out for one of the undisputed heroes of the show, Robert Bushell.

His dramatic story has sensitized many people who eagerly follow the show, and they are bitter about the unexpected ending. Let’s see what happened to Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient.

Live on the edgeThe program is broadcast on At present, brings to the small screen a very common problem unfortunately, which is obesity. The figure shows all the risks that the disease brings with it through the lives of people who suffer from it and struggle to defeat it. During the episodes, the difficulties that those with eating disorders have to face every day to carry out basic activities, even just moving and being independent, are often no longer possible.

Over the course of many episodes at any Dr. Nozradan She works to help her patients with eating disorders, as she tells the story Robert Bushell, a 41-year-old male, weighing 382 lbs. His dramatic history marked the program and today the audience is crying.

Robert explained that the reason he turned to Dr. Nowzaradan was that he fell in love with Catherine, his future wife, and wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Under these conditions, in fact, he did not have many years left of his life.

Live on the edge

The results were seen on his way right away because the man was very excited about losing weight. In eight months of dieting with physical activity, Robert Bushell I lost 154 kilosweighs 228.

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Unfortunately, a sudden illness It changed course forever. Robert had a severe heart attack while in the hospital and despite the doctors’ help, there was nothing he could do.

The audience most passionate about Real Time is mourning the person who marked the program’s history, demonstrating how strong of will helps one’s goals to be achieved.

Robert Bushell has passed away at the age of 41Unable to fulfill his dream of love by marrying his fiancée.

Live on the edge

His case represents the second fatality during the treatment period at Dr. Nozradan Clinic. A huge loss that left viewers in tears because Robert was a great example to everyone with eating disorders.

In fact, he managed to lose many kilograms by adopting a completely different healthy lifestyle than he used to. A terrible sudden illness, unfortunately, snatched the life he was reclaiming from his hands.

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