“He no longer passes me” – Corriere.it

“He no longer passes me” – Corriere.it
From Chiara Maviletti

The singer-songwriter, who has tested positive after swab, is waiting to go negative in order to return to Italy. Meanwhile, his concerts in the Bataclan and London have been skipped

By eye, the room does not look very large. Enough space for a double bed, a small desk, a bedside table crowded with medicine, and two masks hanging above the lights at the edges of the headboards: one for Batman, one for Darth Vader. “I found them here when I arrived, I don’t even know why,” says Luciano Ligabue, showing in an Instagram video how his world became six days ago. That room in a Parisian hotel (also mention the name of the hotel), which was chosen to rest a few hours after the concert that was supposed to take place on October 30 in the Bataclan, became the place of his isolation after he tested positive for coronavirus disease. And then, even those masks take on a different value today, because to stay confined to a few square meters for who knows how long, the power must be with you for real. In the video titled “Diary from Quarantine,” which defines these days as “too long” understandably, the singer-songwriter admits, “It’s not going through me anymore.”

The shot (Ligabue is also a director) Then he goes straight to the bedside table, with “Brufen made to order, as per medical advice, vitamin C, nasal spray, and some books,” and then you see a guitar resting on an unmade bed. «This guitar was not mine but became thanks to the dash of Maioli (his director, editor) who found it in the market, walking the streets of Paris. It wasn’t very expensive and I thought he could keep me a little company…maybe also I hope I can write something…in fact I wrote a piece.’ A few words have been spoken with the usual candor that manages to make this quarantine a bit magical too, so much so that many now hope to hear the result of these days of solitude, with only a used French guitar. What song did he write? What feelings will stop? Ligabue’s voice, compared to when he said he was positive, again through a video shared on social media, sounds less hoarse. “For the rest, I feel better – he explains – but I have to wait until you turn negative to go back to our beautiful country.” The truth is that behind his proverbial cool lies a major regret: after these European dates were postponed for two years, due to the pandemic, the singer-songwriter was looking forward to the performance. The dates of October 26 in Barcelona and October 28 in Brussels were successful, and immediately after Paris he had to move to London, to the empire of the patron Bush. These dates will be set, but again, it is not known when.

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In the video you connect with In a video of him looking into the room, the singer-songwriter told several of his fans of the infection, “Hey, I’m in a hotel room in Paris which unfortunately will become the place I’m going to be locked up in maybe a week, because after a night when I wasn’t feeling well, I took this The morning was a stopper and I found that I had Covid. So they skipped the concert in the Bataclan and tomorrow night in London….” Also in that video, he addressed his followers frankly, acknowledging: “You can imagine the balls turning after the two great concerts in Barcelona and Brussels, but That’s how it went. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience I’ve caused you and I hug you.” Words were greeted with a barrage of salutations for a speedy recovery, even if the “very slow” days were flowing in the meantime, waiting for that double streak back in the score box from the stopper The truth is that if most of those who have experienced an unquestioned quarantine find themselves brutalizing themselves in their pajamas, playing with the buttons of his remote control, Ligabue, in his Paris hotel room, dressed in a black T-shirt and disheveled hair…, He composed a song. Maybe it doesn’t help, but it definitely makes it more poetic.

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