Political management and science in comparison (with Mariano Bizzari)

Political management and science in comparison (with Mariano Bizzari)

Professor Mariano Bizzari: Oncologist and Professor of Clinical Pathology at the University of La Sapienza, explains the scientific reasons for the failure of the mass vaccination campaign, in particular the mRNA vaccines that caused variants to appear, the protection is not very durable and after a few weeks it becomes negative, the vaccine spike protein is present in the body until 8 weeks after vaccination. the professor. Bizzarri reveals the massive deception of tampons that would give false positives of between 70% and 80%, numbers that exaggerated the scale of the pandemic emergency, as well as isolating thousands of Italians under house arrest without cause. Vaccinated people become more infected than non-vaccinated people, and in the event of adverse events monitoring is inadequate and reports severely underestimate. The professor explains why the traditional attenuated virus vaccine is not used. The Green Corridor was a purely political measure that had nothing to do with science, and the entire pandemic management was political and scientific, or at least an important part of it was not being listened to. This and much more in an episode of the highest scientific informational value.

Professor Mariano Bizzari He is a laboratory manager systems biology in the same section. Regarding the systematic approach to biology he was faithful to it systems biology (2018).[1] He was president of the Scientific-Technical Council ofItalian space agency (ASI)[2]. Author of international scientific publications[3] and popular articles, among others, on the multifactorial etiology of cancer And the risks genetic manipulationAnd the[4][5][6][7][8] For example in clarifying that melatonin Prevents tumors because it inhibits the p53 inhibitor (MDM2), activates two types of Apoptosis It modifies the cytoskeleton.[9][10] He is the author of the first file on the carcinogenic effects ofElva From Taranto As well as a report on it from new Year From latina tank Which led to the conviction of the multinational company for the harm to health.[11][12][13] Help develop a new type of sensor that combines “electronic nose” and “electronic tongue” properties to recognize diseases based on biophysical modifications that occur in the sensor matrix by volatile samples (breathing) or fluids. (blood, saliva, etc.).[14]

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He is one of the founders of the Italian Society of Biomedicine and Aerospace Biochemistry[15] Managing Editor of the Scientific Journal Organisms. (From Wikipedia)

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