Live the tears of Roberta Morris, and there is no reason for this: “I always do …”

Live the tears of Roberta Morris, and there is no reason for this: “I always do …”

Roberta Morris crying during live broadcast: The announcer couldn’t hold back, that’s why.

A new adventure for Morise that debuted on Rai 1 with cartPaired with a Tinto connector. For her, it was a very enjoyable experience that also prompted her to confront certain memories from her past.

Roberta launched into a new TV challenge after that His last experience at L’Isola dei Famosi It lasted for a relatively short time. This is a show that replaced Antonella Clerici with her show in the summer It’s always noon.

Camper is a wandering journey across Italy between cuisine as well as culture. at the moment listen to them From the new shape It doesn’t look like it shinesBut we will see how it will be priced in the upcoming episodes. Recently, the transmission track brought Maurice to Calabria, right next to her childhood places. The woman was born, in fact, in Cariati in the province of Cosenza but has almost always lived in Cir Marina, near Crotone.

Roberta is so attached to her land that she left at the age of 20 when she first competed in the Miss Italy pageant and then started working on television.

Roberta Morris, Live Tears: That’s why I’m touched

In the last episode of Camper did conductors Stop in Calabria Paula, through the faithful missionaries. Francesco Gasparri wanted a test run from the city haven in San Francisco, but in the meantime, Roberta clearly moved.

Sorry I was listening to you and I didn’t listen to you – exposed – In that orphanage my parents got married…Roberta was unable to hold back her tears and then continued:I know, I always look good Who always cries He confessed. In fact, even in the previous episode, Morris was impressed with her Cir Marina photos; Moments of emotion that the audience, no doubt, will forgive.

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If Roberta’s work life is going smoothly, it seems the same can’t be said about her love life. Looks like La Morise has been around for about a year and a half Working with businessman Giulio Frattini, heir to an important family in the watch industry. But in recent weeks the man has been seen with Aida Yespica several times: what is going on? In the past there has been a lot of talk about his love life: Roberta, in fact, She was engaged to Carlo Conte It seems that there was one Also contact with Ignazio Boschetto.

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