Meta: Stop shopping online?

Meta: Stop shopping online?

The era of the Metaverse is about to fully begin, a place where you can watch, buy, and live completely private digital experiences. This perspective will completely change the future prospects of e-commerce, as it will be possible to have a completely different experience. we see together Details of the relationship in the next article.

The metaverse It will be the creation that will disturb the uses and habits in the coming decades. This is because it offers the possibility to live great digital experiences that come close to credibility. From now on, shopping will also have a completely different flavor, especially online, which depends on E-Commerce.

Let’s try to understand through the following article, how online shopping will change Metaverse needs and characteristics.

Metaverse: A new way to shop online?


Meta is moving against the trend when it comes to online shopping. a company Zuckerberg He really wants to remove the shop button from the main navigation bar of Instagramas the testing done in recent months was completely shame. There was even a decrease in ads, which today appear in 98% of content.

While Zuckerberg’s situation was very different in 2020, what is happening now is quite the opposite. sponsor Half In fact, he quickly became impatient with the poor results obtained thus far.

Metaverse: How will everything change?

Meta Facebook

Now let’s see the reasons why a file metaverseprovided by Meta (such as Facebook), will completely modify the way it is understood and implemented Online shopping. As announced by creator Mark Zuckerberg, Metaverse will be an alternative to the current mobile internet. In this regard, there is also some news from a hardware point of view: Meta is about to release the first viewer that will not need any other support (such as computers and smartphones).

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This is the MetaQuest Pro The company announced that it has added a new Personal Office feature to the Horizon Workrooms platform. This will allow you to see reality in a completely different way, first-person but completely digital.

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