He makes four with his fingers like Tutti

He makes four with his fingers like Tutti

“four”. This is the initiative made by Davide Fratesi Krunic pontificated about the 4-1 scoreline for Inter (and then, in stoppage time, it would be the former Sassuolo player who would score the final 5-1). The cameras immortalized the moment: Fratesi gave the Bosnian coming from Milan a silent signal with his index finger, then waved his four fingers in reference to the instantaneous score of 4-1.

Basically, the Nerazzurri He partially repeats Totti’s gesture On February 8, 2004, when the Giallorossi champion beat Roma and Juventus 4-0, Igor silenced Tudor with a gesture born a decade and a half before the spread of memes. Placing an index finger in front of the mouth for silence, marking the four goals scored on the pitch and then calling home with the gestural clarity that only Totti can do, in an almost incomparable manner.

And here he is, 19 years later, Fratesi repeated the gesture. He did so, in fact, in the derby against Milan. He entered the field in place of Barella, and the former Sassuolo player was the hero of that episode with Krunic. Then he finished the match with a final score of 5-1He was happy to take off his Inter shirt and get the yellow card.

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