Eurospin presents Polaroid: The most beloved camera comes straight back from the 1980s | Resisting this offer is impossible

Eurospin presents Polaroid: The most beloved camera comes straight back from the 1980s |  Resisting this offer is impossible
The new Eurospin tool that shocked photography enthusiasts –

The large distribution chain Eurospin has launched a really great product. Photography lovers will definitely appreciate it!

A pocket-sized gadget that allows everyone to make memories wherever they go. what is he talking about? Continue reading to find out.

The gritty battle between the big names in mass retail, specifically Lidl and Eurospin, continues. The two seem to be competing with each other with very relaxed performances featuring increasingly original instrumentation. But one seems to have far surpassed the other today. Who are we talking about?

In the center of attention today is the offer she launched Eurospin Which is about a gadget that many would definitely like to own. It’s about a Small polaroids Which shoots and prints in high quality. Thanks to its very small dimensions, this is the perfect tool for travel and special occasions.

In addition to its specifications, which we will talk about shortly, what shocked the public most was its really reasonable price for a machine of this size. Are you curious to discover all its features? Don’t miss a single detail!

Polaroid Pop Blue – POLPOP1BL

Needless to say, for those who love taking photos, this little camera is really perfect. He manages to capture the essence of a moment by freezing it in a photo Polaroid format Which makes the shot more creative. High quality photos and printing. Regarding the print format, we can say that it remains the original Polaroid preset, i.e. 3×4″. The camera is equipped with a 3.97-inch 20MP LCD touchscreen and also captures HD videos at 108p/720p. Built-in flash, stabilization, digital zoom, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and Photo Booth mode complete the already interesting image of this truly high-performance product. As for the features related to the press, from the official website EurospinAccurate explanations arrive, such as: “ZINK Zero Ink printing technology, vivid photographs in 3.Sx4.25″ format with classic Polaroid frame, shoot and print without connecting to a computer”. In short, we’re talking about a truly amazing product.

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Pocket-sized Polaroid Pop Blue, a real find! –

Technical specifications of the product

Surely all fans of vintage photos have already thought about purchasing this product sold by Eurospin 99.99 euros (Offer valid only for online purchases). But now let’s move on to the technical specifications to get more information about the product.

  • an offer: 3.97-inch LCD touch screen;
  • room: 20MP;
  • Connection: Wifi;
  • net weight: 400 grams;
  • Micro SD card support Up to 256 GB (TransFlash);
  • Built-in microphone;
  • Available in flash;
  • Electronic shutter;
  • Included in the box: USB cable and instruction manual.

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