Upcoming events of the University of Siena

Upcoming events of the University of Siena

Siena – Here are a series of interesting initiatives organized by the University of Siena, ranging from culture to entertainment to science:

Planet Galileo “First encounter with science”
Schoolchildren meet authors who deal with science and publishing§
University of Siena, San Niccolò, April 21
Pianeta Galileo returns to Siena next week with the “First Encounter with Science” initiative: on Tuesday, April 21, high school students will meet the authors of two famous science books to discuss science and research with them. Alessandro Marconi, astrophysicist, author of “Black Holes” (Il Mulino 2013), and Gianfranco Biondi and Olga Rickards, authors of “Cenza Adamo.” “A Brief History of Human Evolution” (Carocci 2014), will be, from 10 am, in the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, in the S. Niccolò Complex, at Via Roma 56, for a dialogue with students who will present their works inspired by the themes of the books they have worked on with Teachers during the school year. We will talk about astronomy, black holes and galaxies with Professor Vincenzo Melucci and Alessandro Marconi, who in his book, written in scientifically precise but simple language, provides a mathematical description of these objects and the physics that regulate their growth processes, delving into the class of so-called supermassive black holes, which are found in the centers of galaxies. It affects its development.
With Professor Francesco Frati, Gianfranco Biondi and Olga Rickards, children will trace the stages of the evolutionary process through fossil remains and the results of research on mitochondria and nuclear DNA, as addressed by the authors in the book, who explain in this way the modern and African origin of modern humans, belonging to different species of present-day humanity. Neanderthals, the absence of races in our species, and the evolutionary origin of morality. “Pianetta Galileo” is a scientific publishing program promoted by the Tuscany region, in cooperation with Tuscan universities. The University of Siena coordinators are Professors Stefano Campi and Lucia Sarti. The meeting will conclude with a performance of the Enea Silvio Piccolomini High School Musical.

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One hundred years since the Armenian Genocide
Public reading at the University of Siena, in conjunction with other initiatives around the world
April 21, 6 pm, First Magna, University Directorate

The University of Siena commemorates the centenary of the Armenian Genocide by joining a public reading initiative that will take place on April 21 simultaneously in several countries around the world. The anniversary celebration will be opened in the Aula Magna of the University Presidency at 6 p.m., with greetings from Rector Angelo Riccaboni and a speech by Professor Marcelo FloresWhich will frame the historical and political context in which the persecution of Armenians occurred in Turkey. After that, representatives of the “Topi Dalmata” theater association will read excerpts from “The Book of Whispers” by Varujan Vosganyan, in support of the initiative proposed by the Berlin International Literature Festival and the “Casa Lipsius” in Potsdam. Professor Flores explains: “The Armenian Genocide began in 1915. The Young Turk government, allied with Germany in World War I, decided to exterminate Armenians from Anatolia, where most of them had lived for centuries. The University of Siena has decided to join this initiative to remember the genocide of these people and to emphasize that culture alone can be an antidote to violence, discrimination and denial of historical truth.

“Rinnòvati Rinovati”, the season of shows dedicated to Siena and its youth
First date with singer Dario Brunori
Ticket sales are online starting April 20

The “Rinnòvati Rinnovati” show series is about to start, which through the interweaving of sounds, theater and narrative will bring many entertainment and music personalities to Siena, exploring many genres. This is a proposal targeting the entire city and paying special attention to students and all young people. Singer Dario Brunori opens the season on Thursday, April 23 at 9 pm with his show “Brunori srl”, which combines words, comedy, stories and music. “Songs and monologues about the transformation of society”, is the subtitle of the show that the artist, a graduate of the University of Siena, will bring to the city at the end of his 2015 theatrical tour. From Monday 20 April it will be possible to buy tickets online for individual performances, at a special price for young viewers. : Single seat ticket for 10 euros for university students and those under 26 years old. For all others, tickets are 15 euros. The series of six events, which will continue to animate the city’s theater for the month of May and until June 3, is born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Siena, the University of Siena, the University of Foreigners of Siena, the Tuscany Spitakolo Foundation, Bside and the regional company for the right to education, and brings together original performances where music and painting combine. and narrate together through innovative and creative paths. During this event, Davide Toffolo from “Tre allegri Ragazzi Morti”, Eriquez from Bandabardo, Nada, Ginevra De Marco, rappers Morobuto, Andrea Scanzi, Giulio Casale, Oscar de Somma, Titus de Bois and Sergio Steno will take turns on stage. . In addition to online tickets, tickets will also be available at the Teatro dei Rinnovati box office on the day of the performances, starting at 4 p.m.

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