goals accepted? Merritt explains and explains what happened

goals accepted?  Merritt explains and explains what happened

The Naples by Luciano Spalletti Lost for the first time this season in the group stage Champions Leaguedespite the 2-0 defeat he suffered Anfield Road against the The Azzurri kept Liverpool top of Group AHe will qualify as a seed in the round of 16 Champions League.

two marks from reds Signed by Momo Salah Darwin Nunesboth about developing two corner kicks, after two forms of uncertainty from Azzurri goalkeeper and Italy’s Alex Merritt

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Merritt Liverpool Napoli

During the post-match period, the blue goalkeeper made some statements in the mixed zone, his words below:

What happened in the nets of the two goals?

On the two goals there was a little inattention, they have excellent players. It’s not easy to fight against people like Van Dijk in the penalty area. Maybe we could have done better, great performance remains. We knew it was tough at this point. We always tried to play ball. It’s a defeat that doesn’t hurt in any way, we should think about starting again from the next match.”

Where can we get in the ranking?

“Everyone we face will be a great team, we must try to keep playing our football, as we do in these matches. I don’t know where we can get him, but if we continue like this we will be able to get great satisfaction.”

What can be learned from these last fifteen minutes?

“We’ve learned that you can never lose your attention against these great teams. In the two episodes that decided the match, we conceded two goals that we could have avoided. However, as I said before, defeat doesn’t hurt too much and let’s think about the next.”

Below is the video of the interview with Merritt:

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