“As football fans it's a shame”

“As football fans it's a shame”

He made and will discuss his goal Demarco Marking Inter Empoli For alleged infiltration Swelling At the beginning of work. The episode was also commented on live by former referees Marilee We are DAZN During the match e And D'Amato Open mouse, as they reiterated how VAR was unable to intervene after an Empoli defender's touch to sweep the penalty area. To this was also added the very harsh comment from Massimo Mauro While “Press” is displayed Mediaset.

Thuram offside and Demarco's goal: Mauro's comment

Massimo Mauro, Former football player and now commentator mediaset, I talked about an episode Inter Empoli: “If the linesman doesn't raise his flag it's because no one told him. It's certain that the VAR is telling him what to do, but it's certain. This is not the first time and it will not be the last time that the VAR says 'without us we know nothing.' “He looks at the goal line but he can't look at the shots.”

Regarding the issue of the new procedure, he confirmed: “As a former footballer and football lover, it is a shame that this is considered another measure: this is the regulation but it is not the code of the highway. The Empoli player came back after pressure from the opponent, did not stop and raised his head, “He did not play it. If you don't want to admit it, we can end it here. But what do I care about the rules if someone throws them away? are you kidding? It's crazy if “the rules do not allow intervention in a goal where there is offside. After 4 minutes there is offside and the assistant referee raises it because the VAR told him so.”

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