“He made his choices” – The Daily

“He made his choices” – The Daily

Harry is now indefensible. Even those who believed in him and Meghan Markle, like Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, had to change their minds. The complaints of the Sussex family, the accusations made against the royal family after the Megist Conference, are simply embarrassing.

Unbearable Harry

In 2020, when Harry and Meghan Markle announced to the world without a small scandal that they would leave their role as active members of the British royal family to live lives as private citizens and pursue their social battles independently, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia was praised. Courageous couple. In an interview at the time, he had clearly supported the Sussexes by saying that it is better to give up certain privileges to pursue one’s goals, than to live in eternal seconds, always being one step behind William and Kate Middleton.

In short, Emmanuel Filiberto encouraged Harry and Meghan to follow their own path and break free from protocol and ritual. But he certainly could not have foreseen how the Sussexes would manage their independence. Because it is one thing to want to assert one’s choices and needs, it is another to complain and demand without offering anything in return.

Emmanuel Filiberto wand Harry and Meghan Markle

Even after three years Emanuele Filiberto had to change his mind about Harry and Meghan. A young and fresh couple who promised to renew the monarchy separated, leaving only controversy, divisions and legal battles. A complete failure, even on a private level, considering that they have irrevocably damaged relations with Charles and William and that even their marriage seems to be at last.

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The proverb says: “Whoever was the cause of his illness, let him grieve for himself.” And this is what Harry, who is displaced on all fronts, should do. A fish out of the water at Buckingham Palace and misunderstood at Villa Montecito where his wife, Meg, appears in Other Directions.

The situation frustrates the Prince, who angrily attacks Charles and the rest of the palace. But as Emmanuel Filiberto confirmed when interviewing him Fox News Digital:”I don’t like to criticize but Harry and Meghan made their choicesHe continued: “Harry is a very smart young man. She received a lot of media attention when she was young. Then, when his mother died, maybe at a certain point he wanted to live another life, and he left with his wife…to America.”

But the avalanche operation carried out by Harry is also unacceptable to the Italian prince. “I felt a little sad when I saw him arrive alone at King Charles’ coronation…but I think private matters should be kept secret in families”, and he criticized the Sussexes for interviewing the royals or even revealing them in a docu-series about what happened within the palace walls or with his CV shoot.

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