Amadeus, the live kiss with the so famous, leaves no room for doubt: yet they are both married

Amadeus, the live kiss with the so famous, leaves no room for doubt: yet they are both married
Amadeus Italian News

Amadeus, the charismatic conductor of the orchestra, amazes his many fans. The kiss exchanged with the beauty. No, it’s not Giovanna.

Undoubtedly, among the company leaders of Viale Mazzini, one cannot fail to be mentioned first Amedeo Sebastiani, in Art Amadeus. After entertaining and thrilling us with a quiz show before the evening The usual is unknown And your business And he gives us San Remo Festival 20223 is amazing, he’s really working hard on the next one.

It will be the fifth in a row that not only will address delivery But there is also Technical guidance. However, as he himself told the press, this would be the last time he would do so. Then it will take break of this job, and if they give it back to him in a few years, he might think again.

So we think about songs to competing singers, For guests, as well as for women who are able to supportPatriotism. Meanwhile, he also tries to find time to relax in the company of his closest friends, including Fiorello Rosaryson, now a teenager, Jose, and his beautiful wife Giovanna Civitello which returned to television for a time.

He now walks alone on social media

Among other things, last year she also co-hosted a family version with her beloved husband your business. She was also a guest star in the final episode of the season It’s always noonfrom Antonella Clerici. As a reporter I worked a lot, especially during Sanremo Music Festival 2023 for various radio broadcasts.

The woman is also very active on social networks, in particular on Instagram, Where she shared the profile with her husband for a long time. However that was specifically during the first episode of the 2023 edition of san remo, Thanks there Claire Feragny that Likes He opened his first Instagram profile, which is very popular today.

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The kiss between the maestro and the actress
Ama and Rocìo in the moment of the scenic kiss in Italianotzie’s Instagram post

The kiss between the two

Right now, he’s making headlines for a kiss he’s given to another woman. Lucky is wonderful Rocio Morlesslong time companion Raul Bova, with whom she had two daughters. The truth happened right on the famous stage of the Ariston Theater. on that occasion rosio, who was not only a fine actress but also a talented writer, she was a guest of the Likes to festival.

The two set up a curtain to show the audience how A.J cinematic kiss. As a joke, the conductor got married, while he got married Morales He was going to give a demonstration, so A.J Kiss on the lips On the lips. It was obviously just a joke, which in turn greatly amused his wife Joanne, Sit in the front row.

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