In Gallura a data processing center to support the fiber

In Gallura a data processing center to support the fiber

(ANSA) – Olbia, June 23 – Undersea optical fiber innovation has arrived in Gallura and has found a home in the new Siportal data center just opened in the Cipnes production area in Olbia. The Sicilian company provides internet coverage services in the peripheral areas of the peninsula, and has decided to invest in the Gallura region by bringing modular technology powered by solar panels with the help of inverters produced by the Chinese company Huawei.

Francesco Slotta said: “We consider the Gallura region a strategic area for the Mediterranean and we have accepted the request of its directors who want to make a leap forward in terms of technological innovation; and this infrastructure will be essential to achieve this goal – Siportal’s founding and responsible representative during the opening ceremony – we expect that More and more large companies will invest in the future in digital technology, I just think the estimate predicts that in the next ten years the fibers in the Mediterranean will multiply five times and many of these will stop in Sardinia.The conditions that ensure that these operators can find In Gallura the most technologically convenient place to provide their services to customers. All operators will be able to find a space here.

Cipnes President Gianni Sarti and Mayor of Olbia Settimo Nizzi expressed great satisfaction at the opening of the new Data Processing Centre. In fact, Siportal is the company that brought fiber optics to the city and the Costa Smeralda region. At this time, the fiber already installed will be able to fall back into the new data center for data storage; Global giants like Google and the Facebook group have already started making their own fibers. (handle).

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