Stefania Sandrelli, the sad evil entered her house: “Cancer is in…” – The Democracy

Stefania Sandrelli, the sad evil entered her house: “Cancer is in…” – The Democracy

The historical Italian actress suffered from a sad illness that unfortunately entered her life. Here’s the story

there Cinderelli She is one of the most famous actresses in the history of Italian cinema. During his career, he participated in the shooting of dozens of films, some of which were very successful. Through her interpretations, she managed to win the hearts of our local audience, and testified to her immense artistic talent.

Stefania Sandrelli (web source)

He has been awarded many awards, such as Three David Di Donatelloand six Nastrae d’Argento and Leon d’Oro, the latter on the occasion of the 62nd Venice International Film Festival.

Even if a professional life is filled with successes, the same cannot be said in the private sphere. In fact, one of the greatest dramas of his existence coincides precisely with the difficult relationship he had with his daughter Amanda. Talk about the latter on the pages of Oggi Weekly: “It was the biggest worry of my life. The greatest pain. I had to leave her, to be close to Nikki Bindi, who made me desperate. He liked the nightlife and alcohol very much. To take care of him, Amanda entrusted Gino and his wife. In the sixties there was no divorce yet, what should I do? I did not forgive myself. And quite rightly, my daughter wasn’t forgiving either. We recently explained. I know I caused her a lot of suffering and it hurts me to death.”.

Stefania Sandrelli, Suffering Caused by Bad Evil

To cause more suffering in Sandrelli’s life, there was a bad illness that frightened the actress so much. Unfortunately, in 2009, her daughter Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer. As the latter revealed, this discovery came as a huge shock: “Needless to say, when they told me the diagnosis, I was scared. In those moments when you are on a cliff, you hear the word ‘cancer’ and you think of death or disfigurement”.

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Stefania Sandrelli (web source)

At first Amanda preferred not to tell her mother, because she was not yet ready to accept the dramatic news. But later, the woman told Stefania that she had never lacked support and support: At first, I didn’t tell my mom…I preferred to tell her and my father when I understood what awaited me. at that point, She was incredibly close to me.”.

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