He is watching the lion’s show, but the animal makes an unexpected gesture

He is watching the lion’s show, but the animal makes an unexpected gesture

A man is watching a lion show, when suddenly a strange situation befalls him the last one. In fact, the lion has completely unpredictable behavior.

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The lion is the second largest and most dangerous known mammal on Earth after the tiger. These are very carnivorous predators that live in open environments. Unfortunately Sometimes they are inside zoos and safari circuses as the main attraction for men and many tourists.

The hero of today’s story is actually a lion performing a show for many people inside his glass cage. But something strange is happening today, the lion seems to have a different behavior than usual. The man realizes that, during a quiet daily show, he clearly sees the lion making a completely unexpected gesture. But let’s find out together what happened.

This guy is watching a lion show

The man who is based in America, more specifically in Las Vegas, is completely calm, works, has a family, but also has a great desire to have fun. On an evening like many, he involves his best friend for a different evening than usual. They usually go to some restaurant to have dinner, and right after that they go to some bar to have a drink. Today, however, one of them wants to do something different.

In Vegas there is a very well known place where they do a variety of showsIt is a hotel with a performance area inside. One of these is that of lions, which are kept in glass cases, but are constantly monitored and trained to be able to put on a show for residents and tourists.

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lion show
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The guy calls his friend and convinces him to spend this different evening, at first the friend isn’t totally convinced but let’s say he gets swept away. So after everything is prepared, they have dinner together at home and then go out. Once there it’s not hard to get in, it’s a weekday so they didn’t even need to buy the ticket in advance. Some venue managers see the arrival of new customers and show them the fastest way to get to the place.

They are also early, so they sit in the front row and wait until the hall is full. They glimpse the lions in the distance inside the glass cage, which actually serves to protect all visitors, but the lions behind the enclosure are in a large open space. The hall is filling up, so the show starts soon and the two friends want to fully enjoy it. The show is booming, everyone in the room applauds, even if something strange happens at some point.

Leo has unpredictable behaviour

The heroes of the lions of the evening are a male and a female. The show is thriving, but at one point, one of the lions behaves strangely. Everyone in the room realizes this, and with surprised faces they ask each other what happened. In fact, the trainer is also inside with them, and also notices that the male lion is still in a corner staring off into space.

But why does he do this? Is it part of the show? Actually it’s impossible, because even the coach has a completely stunned face to see in that state. So he does nothing but approach him cautiously, at which point the lion becomes aware of his presence. The trainer freezes, and the lion feels frightened.

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Perhaps this arouses the lion’s tension, which interprets the trainer’s condition as a challenge, so he starts attacking him, and wants to bite him, but the trainer frees himself. Then he tries to bite his leg, and at that moment he intervenes lioness who immediately leaves his game, which he enjoys playing with, so that the male leaves. He wants to bite on his hind legs, as a way to dissuade him from the trainer.

Everything is as if it were a completely improvised show. Everyone in the room filmed the scene with their mobile phones, and may have subsequently posted the video to their social media accounts. Today, nearly ten years after the incident, many people still see this widely circulated video, shocking everyone at Assad’s behavior.

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