Roberto Colano passed away. Olivetti, Telecom, Piaggio: protagonists of the Italian economy

Roberto Colano passed away.  Olivetti, Telecom, Piaggio: protagonists of the Italian economy

Born in Mantua in 1943, Roberto Colano died, he had just turned 80.

His name is associated with Piaggio, a company he controlled through Immsi and was its Chairman and Managing Director. We recall the visit of the President of the Republic in 2008. Giorgio NapolitanoTo show him the means of the congregation on the occasion of the sixtieth.

But the motorcycle and bee industry is just one of the businesses that Colaño has dedicated himself to.

departure in in a year, Automotive Components of which he became Managing Director. In 1981 he was founded in Mantua Sogefi, as well as auto components listed on the stock exchange. At this point, he also holds first-level positions in important US multinational corporations.

In the mid-1990s he became CEO Olivetti, is in crisis, and says we need to get out of IT: He’s turning the company into a telecom holding company. In 1998 he sold Omnitel for more than 7 billion euros, at that time the second national mobile phone company, which would go first to Germany to Mannesmann and then to Vodafone.

With these resources and debts, he launched in February 1999 the largest takeover bid seen in Italy up to that point: €60 billion takeover of Telecom ItaliaIt was launched thanks to the desired privatization in 1997 by the Prodi government and concluded with the acquisition of 51% of Tlc. Operation blessed by the D’Alema government, besides Colaninno, there is Hopa and Luxembourg Box Bell, financial linked to Emilio Gnutti, which also includes the former number one of Unipol, Giovanni Consorte, Mps and then Fininvest. American bank Chase Manhattan acts as guarantor. At Telecom, Colaninno became President and CEO and Tim’s boss. So in 2001 there would be the exit of Bale in favor of Pirelli and the resignation of Colano.

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Omniaholding and Omniainvest are the holding and investment companies founded by him, through which he bought in 2002, after approaching Fiat, immsiListed on the stock exchange and dedicated to real estate. Then expand the perimeter and control Piaggio and IntermarineAnd we got to 2003.

Among other initiatives with greater public resonance is the 2008 one when Colanino – through Emsey – was a co-founder of Tsai, Alitalia Airlines: she “Brave Captains” which they buy Alitalia and Irony After Berlusconi stopped selling to Air France in defense of Italian identity.

Colanio, a knight of labor since 2000, becomes the new chairman of Alitalia SAI, a person born with the union’s entry in 2015. He left the Alitalia board in 2017.

Colano married Oretta Schiavetti at the age of 26 in 1969. Two sons, both by profession: the first, Matteo, born in 1970, is executive vice president of the Piaggio Group, has been deputy to three legislative bodies, and has reached the position of Minister of Economic Development in the shadow cabinet of the Democratic Party, A component of the administration and economic director of the National Secretariat of the Italian Parliamentary and Democratic Party, FIFA. The second son, Michel, born in 1976, is the managing director and general manager of the industrial holding Immsi, responsible for product innovation and marketing strategies for the Piaggio group, and president of Acem, the Brussels-based European motorcycle industry association, all participating world motorcycle and scooter groups.

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