| Banyoles Televisió – El Recòndit 2024 Programs of 20 concerts in 7 small municipalities of the Plan de l'Estany from March to July |  Banyoles Televisió – El Recòndit 2024 Programs of 20 concerts in 7 small municipalities of the Plan de l'Estany from March to July

The fourth edition of Recòndit will program 20 artists between March and July in municipalities with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants in the Plan de l'Estany. On Tuesday evening, San Miquel de Campajor hosted the 2024 poster show that once again brings together established proposals with emerging artists who will define the future of Catalan music.

El Recòndit, which concluded its last edition with the presence of more than 4,500 spectators and is a reference cultural project in Pla de l'Estany, maintains its commitment to decentralizing culture and bringing live music to small towns, and will be held in the country's seven municipalities. Less than 2,000 inhabitants in the area: Camos, Crespia, Esponilla, Palol de Rivardet, Sant Miquel de Campajor, Serreña and Villademoles. In addition, all concerts will be held outdoors and in natural spaces that will highlight the region's exceptional surroundings.

The 2024 program is headed by two farewell concerts: Xavi Sarria who, after 20 years at the head of Opera Bass and another 7 years on his own, will pass through San Miquel de Campajor on May 24 with his farewell tour and De Cesc Freixas. , which celebrates its 20th anniversary with a final tour before leaving the stage indefinitely and will be in charge of opening the curtain at the Recóndit on March 23 in Serinyà. El Recòndit will also mean the return of Ferran Palau, who has been absent from the stage for two years and will perform one of the first concerts to present the new album in Esponellà. Esponellà will also host one of the most anticipated concerts of this edition with _juno, the group led by Zahara and Martí Perarnau IV who have not yet announced any other concerts in Catalonia for 2024.

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The program will bring together some of the best artists of the Catalan scene such as La Ludwig Band; Judit Niedermann; Andrea Mutis; Guillem Roma, Rinaldo and Clara, recently winner of the Inderoc Award for Album of the Year; Or the incombustible Marina Russell. Gemma Hummett will also be there; Enrique Montefusco or Joan Garriga, historical leader of Dosminguet and La Trupa Kung Fu. In addition, Recòndit wants to be a space for discovery and for the voices of the future such as Mama Dousha and her song “Rikiti” which turned out to be one of the hits of the year, Roger Padrós, who has just brought the Catalan language to Benidorm Festus or Sara Rui. The program will be completed by other emerging artists such as Reyna, Jessamy Boada, Azul and Olga Zoet. Rocio Rodriguez highlighted gender equality in the programs and encouraged everyone to look beyond the headlines.

Once again, Recòndit will also have a sustainable and environmentally friendly look and all concerts will be powered exclusively by green energy and will be powered by solar panels and energy accumulators.

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