Lluís Riera wins the 11th Agustí Vehí Memorial Award – Vila de Tiana

Lluís Riera wins the 11th Agustí Vehí Memorial Award – Vila de Tiana

The festival includes about twenty activities such as an opening roundtable with the big names of the current genre, or a space dedicated to Urban Guard crime. But in this year's edition there will also be a special look at black youth through the roundtable Young people read too And a special reading club for this era in the municipal library. There will also be classic Black Tiana activities, such as Eared Chair, Black Trivial, Four Blacks and Saxophone, showcasing the genre's main novelties for 2024.

This year the festival also repeats the success of the Black Route, which will discover the attack of Quico Sabater, and Black Vermouth, and both activities will take place on the morning of Sunday 21. The festival wants to show its support and commitment to the Catalan language in the difficult times that this region is experiencing, by reading a statement at the opening of Tiana Negra . The festival is a pioneer of the black genre in the Catalan language and, since its inception, has become the strongest showcase of this genre made in our country. In all, it will be three days in which Tiana Negra will become the center of black Catalan literature for another year.

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