Nicola Carraro and Mara Venier live in a dream house: however, there is an annoying stuffed man in the living room

Nicola Carraro and Mara Venier live in a dream house: however, there is an annoying stuffed man in the living room

Nicola Carraro and Mara Venere live in a dream home in Rome. Too bad for a mummified man to be around.

They are undoubtedly one of the most loving, complicit and united couples in the wide world of entertainment. Nicola Carraro And the Italian aunt is great together. There’s a lot of stills, as well as videos to be honest Great heroes on social media. During the summer of 2023 they presented to us A new account of their wonderful holidays.

They also spent this year in Santo Domingo They own the Arabian Nights Villa, which they often like to show off to their fans. Here by the way Nicholas He also comes to unplug at other times of the year, when his wife is busy watching TV. For about two weeks or so Veneer She has returned to leading her historic work Sunday program on Al Rai 1 channel.

Obviously we’re talking about Sunday in During each episode, he presents us with exclusive interviews conducted by the same company Presenter Venice Which is still among the most loved things by Italians of all ages today. It is no coincidence that this is also the case for young and very young people. And it was a few years ago He started showing himself in a whole new way on Instagram.

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Nicola Carraro and Mara Venere and their dream home in Rome

Let’s talk about it Housewife style. He is a great partner in this direction Her charming husband She was also the one who secretly took photos and videos during the first lockdown. She was busy doing various household chores. Mara finally tasted it. Thanks to this trick, it became possible Find out more about their home too.

It’s about to A beautiful penthouse located in the beating heart of the capital With a stunning view of the Eternal City to say the least. Equipped with a large terrace, it is certainly very bright, spacious and airy. The style is modern And the inside is full of warmth. Nothing is left to chance. Too bad for That mummified man!

Nicola with the mummified man behind him

The mummified man behind the businessman

It is a statue representing butler And we can notice Behind Nicola While preparing to create New video to social media to discuss our relationship with our mobile phone. Obviously, the statue did not go unnoticed either because it is his own In plain sight.

So some users noticed that as well. However, this is the reality we face Great house Where the owners were able to instill their style. to be sure, Some extravagance Like the aforementioned statue, it’s there. However we are talking about a two-sided house for the entertainment world and A little too much originality.

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