“He died”. A Russian fighter intercepts an American drone over the Black Sea

“He died”.  A Russian fighter intercepts an American drone over the Black Sea

A Russian MiG intercepts an American drone over the Black Sea

A Russian Su-30 military aircraft took off today to intercept a US reconnaissance drone over the Black Sea as it was approaching the Russian border. This was stated by the National Center for Defense Control, citing RIA Novosti. The drone was identified by the crew as a US Air Force MQ-9A ‘Reaper’ which, when Moscow’s aircraft approached it, “turned away from the borders of the Russian Federation”, the control center adds.

In an interview in April, Prigozhin said that Russia is like a plane that is going to explode

Likening Russia to an airplane threatening to disintegrate in flight: a metaphor used by Yevgeny Prigozhin in an interview a few months ago, and now re-introduced by a Telegram channel close to Wagner, is unleashing backlash and conspiracy theories among his supporters. First of all, what has been circulating in recent days is that Prigozhin is not really dead and that he is preparing to reappear at the right moment. “I’m not going to lie,” Wagner’s chief said in an interview published in April. 29 and has now been published in part by Gray Zone. “Today we have reached a boiling point,” Prigozhin adds, noting that he is willing to “kill” rather than lie, and recalling allegations of incompetence that were repeatedly expressed against military leaders in the months leading up to the attempted insurrection of his private military company. On June 24th.

Russian Investigative Committee: DNA test confirms Prigozhin’s death

It was confirmed that Yevgeny Prigozhin died in the plane crash he was traveling in last Wednesday. This was announced by the Russian Investigative Committee, citing the results of DNA analyzes conducted on the body of Ras Wagner and the other nine victims.

Kiev: Moscow musters 110,000 troops to attack from the east

Russia has massed 110,000 troops in eastern Ukraine, where they have been waging an offensive for weeks, in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions, including 45,000 fighting in an attempt to advance towards Kobyansk and 48,000 towards Liman. This was stated by the spokesman for the eastern forces of Ukraine, Ilya Yvlash, quoting the Telegram channel of the Military Administration of the city of Kyiv (Kimfa). According to the spokesman, the Ukrainian army controls the situation in that sector.

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Moscow: Kiev lost 80 soldiers at Lyman

The Russian army announced that it had repulsed seven attacks by the Ukrainian armed forces in the direction of Krasnolmanskoye, near the city of Liman in the Donetsk region. The TASS news agency reported that the operations “lost more than 80 soldiers.”

GB: The war over oil and gas platforms in the Black Sea

Recently there is a war between Russia and Ukraine in the Black Sea, in the northwest region between Crimea and Odessa, involving offshore platforms for pumping gas and oil: the British Ministry of Defense wrote in its press release prepared by intelligence about the war in Ukraine. The British Ministry of Defense notes that these factories are operated by Chernomorneftegaz, which the Russians confiscated from the Ukrainians after the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation in 2014.

Since the February 2022 invasion, Kiev has targeted several offshore oil platforms in the Black Sea, and the warring parties have occupied many of them with troops. Just last week, British intelligence wrote, a Russian fighter jet shot down a small Ukrainian military ship near one of the platforms. We read that the platforms play a double strategic economic and military role, such as the small Snake Island, because they can be used as military bases, helicopter landing points, and long-range missile launch bases.

Kiev: two wounded in the attack on the capital region

The regional military command reported that the Russian missile attack last night in the Kiev region injured two people, adding that cruise missiles destroyed ten private houses and a barn for storing agricultural machinery. The Air Force reportedly shot down four Kremlin cruise missiles. The missiles were launched by 5 aircraft from Russian airspace in the Engels area.

Kiev: Clashes on the front line in Donetsk

Clashes broke out between the Russian and Ukrainian armies on the eastern front line in Donetsk: Kremlin forces attempted to advance in the directions of Liman, Bakhmut and Avdiivka but were stopped by Kiev soldiers. This was reported by the Ukrainian General Staff in its morning report, citing UNIAN.

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“The Russians heavily bombed populated areas along the entire front line,” the Ukrainian military stated, adding that “at the same time, the defense forces are conducting an offensive operation in the southeast direction from Melitopol (which is occupied by the Russians), in the Zaporozhye region.”

Moscow: A drone strikes an apartment building in Kursk

A drone hit a residential building in Kursk, windows were shattered on some floors, and the glass of the building of the State Agricultural University was damaged. This was stated by Governor Roman Starovoit, citing the RIA Novosti agency, which publishes a photo of the building in the center of which the drone is. Kursk city borders Ukraine’s Sumy region to the west.

A bomb in the galley, which is the section of the cab located exactly between the two engines and before the tail, planted under the cover of the replacement of the “cooling unit” (in addition to the brakes of the undercarriage) the day before the tragic flight in which the chief of the Wagner mercenaries carrying Prigozhin was to die. This is the hypothesis that emerges from the reconstruction of the Russian Telegram channel, Chika Ogbo, on the basis of tips and testimonies consistent with data collected by Antonio Bordoni (Air-accidents.com), a leading expert on aircraft accidents. The main character of the yellow executive plane RA02795 is on board PrigozhinAnd six other passengers and three crew members, Sergey Kitras, engineer of Mnt Aero, owner of the Wagner-linked plane, attended the repairs in the last few hours (as stated in a letter to the family from flight attendant Kristina Raspopova).

Prigozhin had ordered the savings, so the undercarriage brakes and turbo intercooler were fitted in the pouring rain on Sunday.

Kittrash, taken from the Special Units, is now under interrogation by Investigation Chief Evan Sibul. Two more engineers, Airline No. 1 Artur Mechenkov and Alexei Anchukov, took part in the maintenance. But the investigations focus on Ketrash. Bordoni explains, “The Embraer 135/Legacy600 manual actually shows the kitchen area component, the kitchen, with part number 89115-036, the refrigerator unit. He adds that it is remarkable that the victims of the disaster are ten, as two months ago, 10 people were killed by the Ilyushin-22M military intelligence plane that was shot down by Prigozhin’s rebels on their way to the Kremlin. But other elements add yellow to yellow. The first is that the head of aircraft safety and deputy director of ANM, Sergei Shtyrkov, was going to work for the state-owned company, ATM, in a more important role, the day before Prigozhin’s last flight. But Shtyrkov is said to have also worked with Wagner’s boss in recent days. The destroyer Embraer was one of three aircraft in service with the group. Under the sanctions, he could only travel to Russia. Moreover, it was for sale for $5 million, and shortly before it took off from Sheremetyevo Airport, two potential buyers saw it on the plane. The newspaper “Komsomolets” in Moscow reported that the two said they worked for Rosgate, and one of them gave a Russian passport, then it turned out that Rossgate did not know who they were. yellow in yellow.

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The two black boxes were recovered and pieces of the plane (a wing found miles away, another piece of evidence of CIA-backed sabotage) will be used to reconstruct the plane in 3D, like the Ustica. However, it will take months for the DNA results of the bodies to come in, the only sure proof of their identity. The times that allow the authorities to postpone or cancel Prigozhin’s funeral (that would be a “political” danger for Putin, given his popularity among nationalists, and there are already cemeteries for Wagner soldiers being dismantled in Russia), on the other hand, favor skepticism. about his death. “We are at the boiling point,” Prigozhin said in a video clip he posted yesterday on his Telegram channel. I’m not lying, so they better kill me. I say frankly that Russia is on the brink of disaster. If the screws are not fixed immediately, the plane will collapse in the air.”

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