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“It’s definitely one of the most annoying and annoying situations I’ve ever dealt with.” This is how he commented on the condition of the little one Arthur Labingo Hughes the judge Mark Wall Quality Control for Coventry Court, UK. The six-year-old was killed by his 32-year-old stepmother, Emma Tastinand his 29-year-old father Thomas Hughes. The two are accused of torturing Arthur for several months, which led to his death. It all started during the lockdown in the case of the Covid emergency, when a father brought the young child to live in his partner’s new home, with her two children.

Here the child will be subjected to all kinds of torture before his death. Arthur was beaten, physically and psychologically tortured, deprived of water and food, and poisoned with table salt. On June 16, 2020, his stepmother forced him to drink After another cooking of salt When he was unconscious, she shocked him and repeatedly banged his head against a hard surface.

Subsequent investigations, which then led to a sentence of 29 and 21 years in prison, showed that the child was to stay even for 14 hours standing across from the aisle, without food, while the father and stepmother were eating sweets in the kitchen with their children, as it appeared in a video he posted. daily Mail. Not only that, because Tustin would have recorded over 200 videos of Arthur crying, sending them to his partner who in turn would have encouraged the woman to punish him. The child was constantly humiliated and “dehumanized”, compared by his father Hitler and the Devil. The two would now have to serve in prison with Tustin accused of murder and Hughes of manslaughter, as he would have induced his partner to punish the child.

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