The 50th anniversary of the Italian national baseball team’s victory over the United States is celebrated on September 2

The 50th anniversary of the Italian national baseball team’s victory over the United States is celebrated on September 2

50th anniversary of the Italian national baseball team’s first victory over the USA

The cultural association “Il Bar del Baseball” celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the historic victory achieved by the Italian national team over the representative national team of the United States of America.
It was 5 September 1973 and our national team proved their worth on the European pitch in Parma with a home win (which proved decisive) by Vic Luciani, just in the last half, making that result truly historic.

today September 2, 2023 At 11.30, “The Baseball Bar” will bring together all the players who have participated in this sporting field in Hall of the municipal headquarters of the municipality of Parmain Strada della Repubblica 1, to remember fiftieth anniversary of the italy vs usa match, Which the Azzurri won 6 to 5.

In addition to the commemorative plaque that will be awarded to individual players, Il Bar del Baseball, in collaboration with the cultural association Figurine Forever, will donate a copy of the “Celebrative” poster, with its time stamp printed on each athlete.
“Il Bar del Baseball” and “Figurine Forever” have already joined forces on two other occasions celebrating other great Italian baseball athletes.
At the event, the Celebration Poster Series is dedicated to the world of baseball, its great athletes, and also to the sports stories that are important to tell. They are a collector’s item deliberately printed in limited, numbered editions.
We are convinced of the importance of the social message in raising awareness and supporting culture and historical memory.

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In this celebration, “Il Bar del Baseball” and “Figurine Forever” had very valuable partners with the municipality of Parma. Thanks to the participation of the municipal administration, in the person of the mayor and the sports councilor, we had the opportunity to return to the same city that witnessed that historic match, in a stadium packed with the fans who have always made this city its sports club the pioneer in Italy in baseball, representing the national colors in many foreign countries and wins many international titles.

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