Starfield: Details of the legendary ships and explorable wrecks from Bethesda

Starfield: Details of the legendary ships and explorable wrecks from Bethesda

Through an article published on the official website of starfieldBethesda gave gamers the chance to meet Zachary Wilson, the high-level designer of the upcoming sci-fi RPG, who shared some interesting details about some of the… ships that we will cross during space exploration.

Space travel in Starfield is not a risk-free activity and in fact we will often find ourselves encountering bandits or hostile factions. From Wilson’s words we learn that there are also some words in the game “legendary ships” Hostile, with its huge size and very high level, it will be a great challenge.

Not only that, it seems that we will be able to pass it from the first stages of the adventure and in this sense the tacit advice of the level designer is to give you the command to escape until you get a spaceship of a certain level. .

Then there are encounters with legendary ships, Huge enemy planes of very high level Which at the beginning of the game overtakes the player. “To defeat them,” Wilson said, “we will have to go a long way…”.

Debris in space can have a lot to say

Always during exploration this will happen abandoned ships. According to Wilson, some of the wreckage was produced procedurally, while others were made manually, even with the contribution of people outside the development team, with the aim of shedding light on Dangers and tragedies that can occur in space and whose history we will be able to discover by exploring its interior.

“I also love our derelict ships. We’ve handcrafted some derelict ships to highlight the dangers and tragedies that can happen during space travel, and the player They will be able to discover their stories through their explorationWilson added.

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“The beautiful thing about these stories is that we solicited input from people outside of the design team, so colleagues who wouldn’t normally be specifically involved in content creation were able to have a real impact on the game in that sense as well. One of our designers, Chris Takahashi, has a background in the modding scene -Design many very exciting ship encounters.

Before we leave, we remind you that Starfield will be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC starting from September 6, 2023 It will be included in Game Pass. Those who have purchased the premium version will be able to start playing as early as September 1st.

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