8:30 Ex-Israeli Minister Ben Ami: The real target of Hamas

8:30 Ex-Israeli Minister Ben Ami: The real target of Hamas

“Israel’s war is not a war of revenge, it is a comprehensive war, it is a war started by Hamas”: with these words began Shlomo Ben-Ami, a historian and former Israeli minister. Guest of Lily Gruber on Otto e mezzo, La7’s politics and current affairs programme, Ben-Ami commented on the latest developments in the conflict that is bringing the Middle East to its knees. He added: “You can check for yourself on the Internet: Hamas leaders repeat that they will continue to carry out similar attacks in the future.”

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The former minister explained, after insistence from the broadcaster, that the war that broke out more than a month ago must also be viewed in a broader context. He said: “The issue of proportionality is important. Iran was able to surround Israel with militias, some of which were the firepower of armed states such as Hezbollah and then in Syria.” Lily Gruber asked directly: “Is this the correct answer that could lead to the final result, which is the destruction of Hamas?” The historian replied: “Netanyahu had some hesitation on the Palestinian issue.”

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The journalist continued: Do you think that Hamas leaders are hiding in the hospital tunnels? “This is what the army believes. They want to destroy Hamas’ military capabilities. They have built a city under the city. They are hiding their leadership. In many cases their headquarters is underneath it. They are using civilians as human beings.” Ben-Ami concluded his speech by saying: “Israel has no intention of harming the civilian population.”

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