How to Clean the Entire House from Top to Bottom in One Hour: The Exact Order to Follow

How to Clean the Entire House from Top to Bottom in One Hour: The Exact Order to Follow

Cleaning the entire house can be a tiring and time-consuming task. To do this in a short time you need to organize things to do well.

During the summer, due to the high temperatures and beautiful days spent outdoors, you may have neglected the house and avoided doing major household chores. Cooler fall days can be a good opportunity to clean the house more thoroughly to face the colder months in clean, well-organized environments.

The trick to having a clean house in one hour –

However, cleaning the house from top to bottom can be very stressful, and more importantly, it can take a full day, if not more, to thoroughly wash all the rooms of the house. So how do we do that? The secret is organization Otherwise you risk not finishing all the things that need to be done or in any case doing them in a hurry and not in the right way. A few simple steps are enough and you will be able to clean your home well and in a very short time!

How to organize cleaning

Let’s start by saying that Each room should be cleaned with different detergents and types of fabrics. You can’t clean your bedroom furniture with the same cloths you use in the bathroom, for example. So it is suitable for you Prepare a container in each room containing the cleaners you will use. This way you will also avoid wandering around the house looking for products to use in each room. Helpful advice is to walk calmly and comfortably, and take the time you need. If you wish, put on your favorite music, comfortable clothes that can get dirty, and rubber gloves and start cleaning.

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With organization and a few tricks you can quickly clean the entire house (

at this point You have to decide which room to start from Before you start dusting, put all the items and clothes in place, so the furniture, chairs and beds are free. Always start at the top of the surfaces. So, for example, in the bedrooms and living room, clean the shelves, wardrobes and drawers with a soft cloth and neutral soap, and only then can you vacuum and wash. Air out linens, pillows, and rugs and wash curtains. If you have gods Non-removable fabrics You can clean it with steam, or using a damp sponge and neutral soap. Rub then leave to dry.

In the end you can focus on the floors. First of all you can sweep Everywhere to clean every trace of dust that may have fallen from the furniture. Then you should Wash the floors at least twiceThe first time with plenty of water, and the second time with a dry cloth. Don’t forget to change the water between each pass. Finally, before arranging everything, Let it ventilate well Until the floors dry and no traces remain when walking on them.

You will notice that by following these tips, cleaning your home will become quick and easy!

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