GF VIP 6, Katia Ricciarelli Explodes Against Manila Nazzaro

Katia Ricciarelli e Manila Nazarote They’ve always had a good relationship but also for them – at Gf Vip’s house – it’s time for clashes.

It all started when Ricciarelli scolded Nazareth From not thinking about it all day, Thunder”For me, friendship is something elseHere are the details reported by the official website of Big brother:

Manila He justifies her lack of the amount of things he had to think about at home during the day, but that doesn’t touch his love for her and his respect for the singer.

“You can’t tell me I’m not a friend because I didn’t come to wake you up” I found a wall in front of which the former Miss Italy loses patience and responds to provocations Katia.

I see no hint of resentment from the dignitaries, ManilaDisappointed and indignant at the quarrel, she justifies herself by saying: “I feel bad, too, forgive me.”

Katia He asks to lower his voice to VIP because he does not intend to encounter such conversations with someone who adopts too bright tones and leaves everyone sitting at the table and gets up to go to his room.

After some time, but thanks to the advice that David Silvestri give to KatiaThis last one is close to the bed Manila With intent to apologize:

When someone is alone for a long time, they feel isolated and do things they shouldn’t. I apologize.

after a gesture Katia The two embraced and returned together to the other Vippos in the living room.

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