A heated clash between Oriana Marzoli and Antonella Fiordellisi – VIP Big Brother

A heated clash between Oriana Marzoli and Antonella Fiordellisi – VIP Big Brother

In the most spied houses in Italy, tensions do not take long, and they are the protagonists of constant clashes and confrontations. Oriana Marzoli And Antonella Fiordalisi.

During their adventure, Vippone never had a mutual sympathy, on the contrary, quite often, they found themselves arguing in a fiery confrontation face to face. In recent weeks, in Cortelito, the fencer got into an argument with the beautiful Venezuelan artist, and tones were decidedly heated by jokes and digging back and forth.

“You’re a bad person” Antonella said she was very angry as she pointed her finger at the VIPs. He also joined the clash to animate spirits onestini who, in defense of the beautiful Venezuelan, attacked the fencer with very provocative directives.

In Superled, facing each other, the Vippones try to clear up all their misunderstandings.

Reflecting on their initial friendship, Antonella says she felt her partner was using her to get close to her AnthonyAnd “You didn’t do well.” She says she looks very upset.

For her part, Oriana rejects the accusations, “I did not approach you because you were a friend of Antonino” declare great disappointment, “You have to be more consistent, you’re an agitator.” She concludes her analysis with irritation.

Between the two notes, the notes rise dramatically, and Antonella says she is offended by the manners and words that the beautiful Venezuelan shouts out. On the other hand, Oriana, very upset, declares that she does not want to have anything to do with her partner and blames her for not being sympathetic to the criticisms that she has directed at her.

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In the studio, Sonia expresses herself face to face, and if she thinks of the fencing as very mature, of the beautiful Venezuelan, she thinks instead of being very exaggerated and sometimes particularly aggressive. However, Urrieta, in her analysis, defends the beautiful Venezuelan and accuses Antonella of only thinking of her followers.

Among the tenants of the most spied on houses in Italy, no common point can be found in their differences, and with several arrivals, they conclude their confrontation without reaching a real clarification. How will their clash develop?

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