Telemarketing harassment, how does the shield that protects our cell phones work

Telemarketing harassment, how does the shield that protects our cell phones work

Starting texts include text prepared by Assocontact (National Association of Business Process Outsourcers) and Oic (Business and Consumer Monitor). “We have had a self-regulatory law since 2016 – explains Assocontact President, Lilio Borgherez – and we believe it is part of the puzzle that must be put together to defend against illegal telemarketing. The Registry of Objections, as it is conceivable, does not oppose the illegal operators because they are not registered in the register of telecom operators, that is, they are not part of those already operating within the framework of legality.

The danger, he says, is that those who operate illegally continue to do so without reference to the opponents’ registry. Drafting a code of conduct with the participation of the client companies, which is required by the guarantor, is the right way to coordinate the work of all stakeholders and get out those who break the rules.”

Fabrizio Figo, who chairs another privacy code of conduct watchdog, explains that of business information: “Having a code of conduct helps ensure that the rules are interpreted and simplifies compliance.” For Vigo, who is also vice president of the DMA (Data and Marketing Association) in Italy, “the joint procedure of the new opposition registry and code of conduct will enable the distinction between health operators and borderline operators.”

Register Objections

In the meantime, in less than two months, the new register of opponents, stipulated in Law 5 of 2018, will appear and be implemented after four years under the regulation contained in Presidential Decree 26/2022.

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The regulation set out some steps for the concrete implementation of the registry. The first step was completed on May 6, the public consultation, conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development, for the main operators, while the project was submitted on May 18 to the consumer associations of the National Cncu Council.

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