Harry of England vs. William and Charles. He refuses the Queen’s invitation

Harry of England vs. William and Charles.  He refuses the Queen’s invitation

Prince speaking to NBC from the Netherlands. She swears she has a special relationship with her grandmother, but adds that she’s not surrounded by the right people. If that wasn’t enough, he’s taking the time to share in the Platinum Jubilee. And about Archie and Lilipet reveal that…

here we go again. Now the palace vibrates every time Prince Harry decides to give an interview. He is not mistaken. Because even today, chatting with Nbc Today journalist Hoda Kotb has been full of criticism against the royal family, assumptions and perhaps another great blow to His Majesty, as his nephew has hinted he may not be involved. On the platinum jubilee though Elizabeth had invited it as an act of goodwill and reconciliation– Photo | video

Harry England and Meghan Markle, kissing on stage is a show research

Meet Grandma… “It was great to see her again and be with her. It is in excellent condition. She always had a good sense of humor with me, Megan and I had tea with her. “I want to make sure she’s protected and surrounded by the right people,” Harry said during the interview, which was taped in the Netherlands during the Invictus Games, but without his wife Meghan Markle already returning to California. This last sentence aroused the ridicule of royal observers. How do you protect your grandmother from her Montecito villa? And on top of all that, does that mean Brother William and Father Carlo aren’t the “right people”? Harry biographer Angela Levine commented: “This consideration is a great insult to Charles and William. Once again he has shown that he is not worthy to take part in the Jubilee.” The Prince also added, with a hint of presumption, that his relationship with the Sovereign was always excellent and that she spoke to him about things she could not discuss. with anyone else.

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and respond to your call When asked directly if he would be participating in the June Jubilee, Harry replied: “I don’t know yet. There are a lot of security issues and more. I try to make that possible, I try to bring my kids to her to meet her.” Elizabeth has never met her granddaughter Lilibert and Archie has only seen a few times since his birth.

England’s Meghan Markle and Harry, fascinated (and manufacturers) look at Invictus Games – research

the family – The Prince also refused to say if he misses his father and brother, and spoke of something completely different when the journalist asked him this very question: “At the moment, I focus on the athletes (at the Invictus Games) and their families, you want to give them 120 per cent. And when I leave, I will focus On my family, which I miss dearly.” As if father and brother are now distant personalities, belonging to the past but perhaps not belonging to the future.

Harry England and Megan Mark The Queen’s Secret Visit – research

Homepage – Harry also wanted to emphasize that “home” for him is the United States. “I feel at home there, I’ve been welcomed with open arms, and we have a beautiful community in Santa Barbara (near her home in Montecito, California). For now, in short, no return to the UK.”
And children feel at home, too. Archie, who is two years old, would like to be a pilot or astronaut when he grows up. Her dad revealed with great pride, while 10-month-old Lillipet has already taken her first steps.

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