Beti Kadri, November 24 Preview: Zeynep and Baris Make Peace – Beti Kadri

Beti Kadri, November 24 Preview: Zeynep and Baris Make Peace – Beti Kadri

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Betty Kadri, previews November 24th

Here is what will happen in the next episode of the Turkish drama with Demet Ozdemir

In the next episode of the second season My home is my destinyavailable on Mediaset Infinity from Friday 24 November Sultan and Amina take Zeynep to dinner to distract her from her problems, and the girl opens up to them, encouraged by two glasses of wine. Meanwhile, Ali Reda takes his grandchildren to a club for a carefree evening.

Zeinab and Bariz clarify their differences by making peace, and the evening ends with everyone dancing and laughing. When the girls return home, Jamil feels sad to see that they are all so cheerful, while Mehdi is still in prison.

In the previous episode I posted Thursday 23 OctoberA strong argument arises between Barış and Zeynep when Barış rebukes Zeynep for taking Mehdi’s case without consulting him. She becomes angry when she discovers that Paris is following her, interprets his actions as an attempt to manipulate her life, and makes the drastic decision to resign from the law firm.

Zeynep informs Nermin and Sakina of her decision to represent Mehdi legally, which causes family tension to increase significantly, and brings up their previous behaviors with their ex-husbands. Barış discovers that his brother Savas has been secretly covering for Zeynep and, above all, offers her support in this case. This discovery amplifies his anger and sense of betrayal.

My home is my destiny Available exclusively on the streaming platform Mediaset Infinity With a new episode every day from Monday to Friday.

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