“Maria de Felipe worries me” – Corriere.it

“Maria de Felipe worries me” – Corriere.it

Giorgio Asuma is a lawyer but also Maurizio Costanzo’s best friendwho died on February 24 at the age of 84, gave an interview to Nuovo Weekly, and made no secret of his grave concern about Maria DevilipiHe said, “This worries me.” ‘behind theapparent detachment hides aDeep feelingsAs I understood when I saw her in pain for the loss of her parents ».

De Filippi, Assumma added, “He can always be counted on His son Gabriel supported him and on work relief valveBut he will need a lot of love from us friends to fill the void he feels as much as possible.”

Asuma on TV (guest from Mara Venere on “Dominica Eno”) talked about existence He immediately rushed to Maurizio Costanzo’s bed As soon as he learned that his health had deteriorated.

– He was still conscious. His daughter, Camila, asked him to recite Ave Maria Then he whispered the first verses and then stopped and said to her, “I can’t pray them to me,” she said with tears in her eyes.

in uAn interview with Corriere della Serai.Asuma revealed that he brought together De Felipe and Costanzo:

A brilliant law graduate, Maria was an advisor to the Italian Phonographic Society in Milan. I have often heard it. She asked me if I could find her as the celebrity moderator for a conference on record piracy on the sidelines of the Venice Film Festival. Bodo is busy, Vespa too, Maurizio is hesitant and finally accepts it. Maria came to pick us up from the airport, he didn’t even look at her, almost annoyed. At Lido, after getting off the boat, a photographer approached. “Please, Doctor, stay away from me,” Maurizio said curtly, “I don’t want the paparazzi.” And even at dinner he made her sit on the other side of the table. We got back to Rome and twice the plane encountered bad turbulence over Tarquinia, the pilot landed vertically, a risky maneuver, what a scary one. “We were lucky, today a new life begins,” we once commented on the ground. And really. Ten days later, it was Saturday, I met Maria in a tavern in Viale Mazzini. “I came to see aunt.” I pretended to believe her. “You know, Dr. De Felipe is smart, I want her as an assistant,” Maurizio said to me on Monday. And so he went.’ Everything else is life. Wedding in Campidoglio 1995, celebration by Francesco Rutelli, reception for a hundred guests at Villa Assuma. Â “Thank you, I found the woman of my dreams, the one I would like to look into my eyes when I leave,” he tells me.

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– I called him at the clinic on Thursday. Maurizio fared much better, he survived the minor surgery very well, none of us prepared for the worst. He was in an excellent mood, we talked about work, a new script for a movie, a TV contract. He greeted me like this: “See you soon, not this one, but I’ll be out next week.” Instead, pneumonia took him. The next day he died. He was my only true friend. Who will I talk to now? “.

Now her troubling thoughts go to Maria de Felipe whose broadcasts resume after her husband’s death.

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