“Because I’m terrified,” and he leaves the studio – Libero Quotidiano

Bassetti’s error. Singer-songwriter Bovia, not convinced by the facsimile, is Massimo Giletti’s guest on Non è l’Arena. The author of Crush Children do oh a month ago tested positive for Covid and Professor Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, upset him by citing the text of his most famous song.

Bovia identifies himself today as “No Covid vax” and after listening to Matteo Bassetti’s topical song again, Fabrizio Brigliasco and Andrea Crisanti quipped: “Among the reasons I am terrified of getting this vaccine here, you keep saying that is the only way, There are also these attitudes of doctors. This should not be underestimated, because the doctor loses his credibility.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me – concludes the Lombard artist – if I saw them at the Sanremo festival with the green ribbon, because it would be green Sanremo, and they sang ‘You can run…’, Hello Massimo I’m leaving.” Bofia suddenly takes his leave, gets up from the stool and leaves the office.

For the record, Gilletti organized a head-to-head confrontation between Bovia and Cartapelota, but the professor refused. “He said to me, ‘What am I going to do,’ Bofia has an attitude and I can’t change it,” the host revealed. The musician commented curtly: “I’m disappointed, it’s a sign …”.

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