The science behind the innovative deck of the circuit that will host the Miami GP

The science behind the innovative deck of the circuit that will host the Miami GP

F1 | The science behind the innovative deck of the circuit that will host the Miami GP

The new F1 circuit in Miami has chosen an “innovative” surface that mixes local limestone and granite for optimal grip.

The new F1 circuit you love Me choose the surfacecreative‘, blending local limestone and granite to achieve perfect adhesion. British company Apex Circuit Design designed the circuit in a counterclockwise direction with an expected cycle time of 1 minute 35 seconds and an average speed of just under 217 km/h. Track pavement required 24,000 tons of asphalt. “Of course, a lot of engineering and analysis went to the asphalt itselfHappy Sam Worthy, Apex Project Manager.The FIA ​​requires laying asphalt At least 60 days before the race weekend. The goal has been achieved, so it will be well taken care of before the start of the race.”

“Our asphalt specialists checked the local aggregate and said they had never seen anything like it anywhere in the world.. Because it is much more complex than expected and will result in 60% of the granite mix mined from Georgia, with sufficient abrasive capacity in our asphalt mix. R3 has been involved in the latest F1 tracks, so its exposure to the data gives us a good reference. What the R3 found in South Florida is that “our” limerock is unique. This is because it is very high in silica. Its texture is like small shards of glass, so when the limestone itself cracks and decomposes, you get an effect where it maintains higher frame deterioration. Granite? Brought by train from Georgia, so ours is an innovative mix of granite and limestone all sourced locally – it’s nowhere near what people originally thought we’d get. We are very satisfied with the results we achieved“.

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Extremely flat track surface

Worthy also explained how the extremely flat surface of the track was achieved. This is despite the paucity of experience in the local area when it comes to the quality of finishing required by Apex. “The whole team is very proud of what we have achieved in terms of the surface of the track“He announced.”We put in a lot of hard work, because while the local contractors were pretty good at what they did with their methodology, their technology was lacking – we were worried about that. When we mentioned the FIA ​​specifications for asphalt pavement, they said “it’s impossible to do it smoothly”.

“At that time, we had to find contractors with the technology we know in Europe. We relied on specialist contractors to lay the asphalt itself. The key to completing the process was to benefit from the expertise of the building contractors, who made sure that the underlying layers were as smooth as possible.“.

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