Massimo de Martire salutes Posillipo: The striker flies to the United States

Massimo de Martire salutes Posillipo: The striker flies to the United States

Time to say goodbye. From red and green to yellow and red. Totally different country, team and colors for Massimo de Martirewho greets Posillipo and descends into it United State. The Napoli striker, born in 2000, arrives at University of Southern Californiafrom which the athletes who have won the most medals at the Olympics, than any other university in the world, have come out.

“I am very happy. Since I was young, one of my dreams has been to go and study there AmericaIbn al-Fan enthusiastically explains. boy says from Fuorigrotta, with an explanation of the reasons for the adopted decision. “It is a choice that I hope will lay the foundations for my future career.”

Fighting. Take the path of courage Massimo de Martire. “It will surely be a great experience, fun and above all a new one,” declares the former Bosilippian No. 9. “I will live on another continent, I will find my brother again Jianbero We will be 20 minutes away.” They will no longer find themselves in the shadows Vesuvius. “We will see each other often, but for the first time we will be opponents and it will be a strange feeling to face him with another hat,” warns the older of the two. It will be a family challenge and a chlorate duel between Director and the Ok no.

end to end. “I want to thank Posillipo Naval Club You trained me as an athlete, as a man and above all to give me the opportunity to accept this offer with the utmost serenity and calmness”, the Napoli player stated. “For this reason it is only right that I express special thanks to my colleagues and brothers, in particular Luigi Massimo Espositowho brought me home 5 years ago, a Gianni Grecowhich is the historical memory of Posillipo and water polo, a Roberto Brancaccioone of the best coaches that a young player can grow and develop, ie Sandro Fuscowho motivated me and always believed in me,” he says from the martyrgold medal in UniversitiesBy winning the final (Sunday, July 14, 2019) United State (18-7) for Scandon And what later became his clubmate Tyler Abramson.

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Massimo de Martire chose to move abroad to start a master’s degree (Science in Finance), after becoming the champion in the regular season (47 goals), which contributed to saving the captain Bared Sequoia and his companions. He grew up in the nursery of Rossoverde, a former champion inItalia With under 19 three years ago, he was called up by the coach Sandro Campanastarting from sitbello in world league.

Science goes away and Posillipo Naval Club Sincerely thank you Massimo de Martire (in pictures of Gianluca Madonna), wishing him the best human and professional fortunes for the rest of his career.

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