The United States, in the first half of 2022 wine imports grew 7.1% to $ 3.5 billion

The United States, in the first half of 2022 wine imports grew 7.1% to $ 3.5 billion

In the first six months of 2022, the United States imported $3.5 billion of wine, up 7.1% from the first half of 2021, for 693.2 million liters (+4.6%), with an average price of $5.05 per liter (+2.4%). ). As reported in the latest data from OEMV – Observatorio Español del Mercado del Vino, analyzed by WineNews, most expenditures ($2.38 billion, +5.1%) are for bottled wine, $882 million goes to sparkling wine (+15.7%) and $218.8 million for wholesale wine (+0.7%).

The number one trading partner is France, where $1.26 billion (+8.6%) of wine was exported to the United States, followed by Italy by a short distance of $1.13 billion (+4,8%), with slower growth rates recorded so far since the beginning of the year. After the first five months of 2022, according to the latest Istat data (over here)the development was +12.5% ​​in 2021. From June onwards a year ago, the US, like the rest of the world, returned to normal, as well as its consumption, so the reorganization between 2021 and 2022, in the long run, should not be surprisingly. Staccatissimi, New Zealand ($259.5 million, +11.2%), Spain ($178.3 million, -5.3%) and Australia ($162.6 million, +16.7%).

By volume, Italy remains the number one wine supplier (and should) to the US, with 186.1 million liters (-0.2%) exported in the first half of 2022.Canada ranked second (99.4 million liters, -9.2%) and France (96.8 million liters, -2.5%) in third, followed by Chile (73.7 million liters, + 14.9%) and Australia (66.5 million liters, + 21.2%). Spain has problems with 32.6 million liters and a drop of 11.8%.

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Figures that not only reinforce the primacy of the United States as the world’s main value market, but also suggest that it will overtake Germany in terms of size. As we have seen, bubble growth is the most sustainable, France benefits above all, with turnover of $525.9 million (+21.4%), Italy, $299.7 million (+10.7%), while Spain loses 8.6% and falls to $43.4 million . Looking at bottled, Italy is confirmed at the top, both in volume (121.3 million liters, -4%) and in value ($820.2 million, + 2.8%). France lags far behind in volume, at 66.8 million liters (-1.6%), but certainly not in terms of values, at $696.5 million (+6.3%), with an average price certainly equivalent to French wine: $10.42 per liter, versus 6.76 Dollars per liter for bottled Italian wine.

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