NATO and US forces pose a serious challenge in the Black Sea

The actions of NATO and US forces in the Black Sea represent a “serious challenge” to Russia, the Russian president reiterated. Vladimir Putin, In an interview with the West this morning. Putin’s words will come Washington and France condemn massive Russian military presence on border with Ukraine.

“The The United States and its NATO allies are conducting unplanned military exercises in the Black Sea. This includes not only a powerful naval force, but also aviation, including strategic warplanes. This is a serious challenge for us“The last Western military exercises in the Black Sea, under the coordination of Ukraine and the United States, took place last June, with the participation of 30 naval units from 32 countries.

To stabilize tensions in Europe, Two British Typhoon fighters take off Russian strategic Tu-160 bombers from British airspace yesterday After Russian warplanes approach the border, even if they do not enter. A few hours ago, two Belgian F-16 fighter jets did the same with two other Russian Tu-160s.

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