The Public Housing Authority condemns the suicide of an elderly man after being evicted from Sabadell

The Public Housing Authority condemns the suicide of an elderly man after being evicted from Sabadell

BarcelonaOn Tuesday, a resident of Sabadell, aged more than 70, committed suicide after being evicted from the apartment where he had lived for 30 years with his partner, Plataforma d'Afectats per la Hipoteca de Catalunya (PAHC) reported.

As Nació Digital reported and ACN confirmed, three days ago a judicial entourage went to the couple's home and informed them of the need to leave the apartment. Because the woman was suffering from reduced mobility, officials requested the presence of the Mossos d'Esquadra. According to PAHC in Sabadell, the man left the building “in shock” and ended up committing suicide in a nearby park.

The organization explains that the couple was forced to stop paying rent more than a year ago due to the economic situation in which they were living, and that they “preferred to continue paying the remaining expenses, basic supplies, and foodstuffs, before paying the rations.” They cannot assume.” There is currently no evidence that the couple was receiving any support from municipal social services.

Police sources explained to ACN that the eviction process began with a court order, and that only the judicial entourage moved to the property initially. Upon entering the apartment, officials found the woman lying on the bed, and found that she was suffering from mobility problems. That's when they alerted the Moussos family and an ambulance was activated and transported her to a health center where she has now been admitted.

“Class violence”

The PAHC in Sabadell insisted on saying it was a “murder due to class violence” and requested an investigation into the actions of the entourage and the police. The organization is also demanding that the Sabadell City Council act as a prosecutor in this case and bear the costs of the tenant's funeral. They also insist that the administration ensure that the women are resettled in a dignified place “with psychological and economic support.”

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